Features of sex on critical days

The topic of intimacy during critical women’s days is very scrupulous and delicate. It is not customary to talk about this publicly, and many couples are simply embarrassed to voice problematic questions. For women, sex during menstruation is prohibited, but not every man dares to have sex with a partner these days. On the other hand, sex helps to get rid of pain during menstruation and normalize the emotional background of a woman.

Medical opinion

Gynecologists believe that sex during menstruation is unsafe for a woman’s health, since these days her body is defenseless against various kinds of infections. In the open uterus, harmful bacteria can easily enter, which is fraught with the development of diseases of the genital tract. On ordinary days, grease acts as a filter for bacteria, but on critical days it is absent. That is why doctors do not recommend having sex during menstruation with an unverified partner or if one of the regular partners has infectious diseases of the urinary tract.

Moral aspect

Many refuse sexual intercourse during menstruation solely for aesthetic reasons. This should not be condemned, since there are people who are very squeamish by nature who are embarrassed by smells or the sight of blood. It is also important to consider religious beliefs, which also influence the decision to have sex on critical days.

The effect of sex on the duration of your period

If in the first days of menstruation a woman experiences particularly vivid orgasms, menstruation may stop. The fact is that prostaglandins, which are similar in action to hormones, in large quantities can influence the rate at which the female body gets rid of the endometrium. Sperm also contains these substances, therefore, in the total mass, they accelerate this process, and menstruation stops prematurely.
If the partner suffers from diseases of a gynecological nature, then the critical days may, on the contrary, last longer, since from excitement, the filling of the genitals increases to evenness.

The ability to get pregnant

Contrary to popular belief that it is impossible to get pregnant during your period, there is always such a possibility. It all depends on which day of the cycle the female egg will ripen and whether it will meet with sperm that have entered the body earlier, because their ability to fertilize lasts up to 7 days after ejaculation!
The possibility of getting pregnant is also great when, instead of one egg, two come out during ovulation. If one passes the sperm safely, then there is always a chance that the second will be fertilized.

Practical advice

· Use condoms when having sex during your period. Even if you are not afraid of getting pregnant, it will protect you and your partner from all kinds of infections; · If the sight of blood is unpleasant for a man, then you can have sex in the twilight; · An ideal place for intimacy during menstruation – a bathroom: water will get rid of traces in blood secretions and odors; · Use towels and wet wipes if having sex during your period in bed. Experts say that sex on critical days, subject to all hygiene standards, is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for a woman. The main thing is that the partner is a permanent one whom you trust. This practice brings partners closer and takes their relationship to a higher level. 

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