Features of sexual life after childbirth

During pregnancy, the female body is completely rebuilt: the hormonal background changes, the internal organs (including the genital tract) malfunction. These changes are especially acutely felt after childbirth during intimacy. Do not panic, because the female body needs time to recover, so please be patient and arm yourself with the necessary knowledge.

When to resume sexual intercourse

After labor, the female body instantly begins to recover, the internal organs return to their places. Particular attention during this period should be paid to the uterus and vagina. If childbirth was not accompanied by complications, it takes no more than two months to recover. After that, you can resume sex life with your partner without fear of bleeding and infection. If there was a surgical intervention, the period of abstinence should be at least three months. In any case, before you resume having sex, you need to consult a gynecologist.

You don’t want intimacy

Quite common among those giving birth. Your maternal instinct has awakened. Now you have your baby and his needs in the foreground. During the day you run around so that in the evening you don’t want to remember about sex. It’s hard for men to understand you. After all, they endured your whims throughout the pregnancy, fulfilled whims and waited for the natural need of their body to be satisfied. Do not waste your energy on endless scandals and showdown. Think about how you love your partner. Tell him about it as often as possible. Even if now you are not ready for intercourse, no one has canceled the affection. Hug and kiss your man as often as possible. The result will not be long in coming and the passion will return to you.

Are you afraid of pain

Quite understandable concerns. During childbirth, a woman experiences severe pain and then worries that these sensations will repeat during sex. There is some truth in this fear, so you need to contact a gynecologist who can check the integrity of the vagina and the condition of the seams. Talk to your spouse and share your concerns. Agree to resume your intimate life gradually. Start with gentle caresses, gradually move on to shallow penetrations, and when you feel that the body has fully recovered, indulge in passion without fear.

You are afraid that you have become unattractive

After giving birth, women are often complex about their appearance. Stretch marks, fullness, sagging breasts can drive anyone into depression. One desire arises – to hide from prying eyes. But this is the wrong approach. Concentrate on what you gave life to the child, and the body is easy to put in order with diet, sports, massages, beauty procedures.
Of course, the birth of a baby radically changes the life of the spouses. But don’t allow yourself to give up intimacy. If the birth was without complications, nothing will prevent you from returning to sexual activity. Don’t get hung up on fears and prejudices, talk to your partner and find a compromise in all situations.

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