From asphyxiophilia to trichophilia : a short guide to sexual fetishes

Whether we like it or not, let’s face the fact that the world does not stand still. People change, their preferences, desires and, of course, sex life. The emancipation promoted by modern society allows you to boldly realize the most intimate intimate fantasies. Many are in no hurry to share them with others (in some cases this is even good), while others reveal their secrets to partners, and together they embark on an amazing journey along the road of sexual pleasure.

In recent years, what was once considered perversion and mental deviations, in particular fetishism and BDSM culture, are not only widely accepted by society, but also constantly attract more and more supporters into their ranks. Research shows that 1 in 3 people have had an experience or fantasy of non-standard sex at least once. Even the WHO in 2018 excluded fetishism and transvestism from the list of “sexual perversions”, because for most fans of this kind of intimate activities, this is just an unusual form of sexual self-expression, which, with the right approach, can not only revive personal life, but also significantly strengthen relationships between partners.

So get ready, we are diving into a world of dangerous entertainment and true sexual pleasure!

1. Hybristophilia

Or Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome. A state in which sexual arousal and orgasm arise in response to the realization that the partner has committed any crime: from easy (lying, treason) to serious (robbery, theft, rape, murder).

2. Sexomnia

A rare disorder that prompts a person to be sexually active while sleeping. Although in most cases a man longs for satisfaction in this state, sometimes a woman can become an unconscious initiator of this type of intimate contact.

3. Armor

It turns out that among the stronger sex there are many fans of cute horses from Ponyville . Moreover, this is a whole subculture: the guys call themselves “bronies” (compilation from ” brother ” and ” poni “), adore the TV series “My Little Pony” and enjoy fantasizing about this topic. Moreover, these fantasies are quite different: from innocent drawings to role-playing games with dressing up.

4. Cuckolding

Or “cuckold”. It is a sexual fetish in which a man gets aroused by watching his partner have sex with another man or woman. Often the craving for ” cuckolding ” occurs in men who are tightly bound by the knot.

5. Spankophilia

Spanking and spanking is a reward for those who love the thrill of the bedroom. This fetish refers to BDSM and is closely intertwined with the thirst for submission and the attraction to sadomasochism. The addiction to spunks (spanking) is usually liked by partners who have a rich sexual experience and are not afraid of experiments.

6. Dendrophilia

This term literally translates to “love of trees”. Yes, there are people who love nature a little more than everyone else. Or rather, a little differently. Some of them are excited by the smell of wood, or the texture of the bark , or the gentle rustle of foliage … Others simply associate the tree trunk with a phallic symbol. Such a cult, by the way, has a long history and originated in Ancient Greece in the II century. BC.

7. Asphyxiophilia

Asphyxiophilia involves holding your breath just before orgasm. It is believed that this adds spice to the intimate sensations and makes sex unforgettable. Playing with breathing during masturbation is called autoerotic asphyxia. In a couple, this effect can be achieved by pinching the partner’s nose, face or squeezing the neck area. Please note that these games are very dangerous, so you can only venture into them if you completely trust your partner. 

8. Handfetish

As the name suggests, hand fetishists have a morbid passion for hands. Some are attracted directly to the hand or to a specific part of it, for example, thin fingers that evoke associations with the male genital organ, or the refined curvature of the hand. Others experience arousal from any manipulation done with their hands, from washing dishes to masturbating .

9. Hematologic

Those who go crazy, once again watching “Twilight” or “Dracula”, who get turned on by the sight of blood and feel an irresistible attraction to it, who in the most intimate sexual fantasies imagine themselves or a partner smeared with blood, suffer from real hematologia … Still believe that vampires don’t exist? 

10. Catoptronophilia

Such a complex word, in fact, calls a very simple fetish (and, by the way, quite widespread) – sexual satisfaction from watching yourself in the mirror, during masturbation or intercourse. So, if you see a mirror or a mirrored ceiling at a friend’s bedroom, everything is clear: your friends are catoptronophiles .

11. Food fetish

Food play often goes hand in hand with sex drive. Firstly, because many products are aphrodisiacs and stimulate the human subconscious. Secondly, satiety produces a pleasant feeling that can trigger an erection in some people. Thirdly, certain types of foreplay before intercourse include various actions in which food appears (recall at least the famous scene from the erotic bestseller “9 ⅕ weeks”).  

12. Claustrophilia

If you are intimidated by the sight of a narrow elevator car, you know exactly what claustrophobia is. This is a fear of cramped, confined spaces. Claustrophiles , on the other hand, are very fond of such rooms. The feeling of the pressure of the crowd, close contact with a partner or other people, they are very aroused. Some deliberately seek out the opportunity to find themselves in the cramped space of an isolated room and try to fully enjoy this moment.

13. Agalmatophilia

Agalmatophilia and Pygmalionism have similar objects of addiction: statues, mannequins, figurines, dolls. But pygmalionists are sexually attracted to objects of their own creativity, while agalmatophiles have a passion for inanimate objects in general. This type of fetishism involves sexual satisfaction from objects of art, both from their contemplation and from direct contact.

14. Trichophilia

It’s no secret that women’s hair is incredibly attractive to men. But sometimes this passion goes beyond reasonable boundaries and develops into a real obsession. Trichophiles , for example, experience an incredible degree of arousal from touching or smelling hair. There is also an extreme stage of this concern, when the fetishist likes to rub his partner’s hair, cut off strands of his hair as a keepsake, or even taste the curls.

15. Frotteurism

Imagine that you are at a concert of your favorite band. The noisy crowd cheers and you sing along to the beat of a familiar tune. But then you feel a strange movement behind you. Oops, most likely another frotter decided to take advantage of the situation and, having enjoyed himself, dissolve unnoticed in the crowd. There are such lovers of rubbing against others wherever many people gather. And if even the dark time of the day is conducive to your favorite pastime, then there may be several potential victims of the persistent fetishist.

16. Altocalcifilia

The clatter of women’s heels drives a huge number of men crazy. But altocalcifilia is not always exclusively about this. Supporters of this addiction not only adore high-heeled shoes, but also do not mind trying them on. Often in this way, they take part in role-playing games, often with submission. By the way, a man in heels in our time is not such a perversion. At least, if you carefully study the trends that fashion dictates to us .

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