Holiday romance: a short adventure or hope for the future?

Summer comes into its own, and with it begins the season of magical resort romance. As a rule, in the summer many unusual and vivid stories happen. They resemble a flash and are remembered for a long time …

For some reason, in the summer, people release “gin from a bottle,” giving free rein to their passions. This is probably the law of nature: summer is the most wonderful time to allow yourself to relax and enjoy a new, albeit short, but stormy life. 

My girlfriend Vera sent me a letter, where she excitedly described her long-awaited trip to the sea: “Two weeks of happiness! We met on the beach, it is so beautiful, with muscles pumped up. I immediately fell in love with him without memory. And what an unforgettable sex we had! But the vacation ended so quickly, we returned to our cities, to our ordinary life. We could not forget this wonderful time, continued to call each other and wrote short letters, dreaming of a meeting. And finally, in the fall, we met on the platform of the Leningrad Station. As I remember now, it was a rainy October day. Andrei was a little sad, but still as attractive. However, after a couple of days we decided to leave forever, because Andryusha’s vacation was different from the autumn, like heaven from earth. I am in shock! ”  

What Well, it is quite natural. There are statistics on spa romance. About 10% of novels develop into long-term love. 50% of couples try to keep fleeting relationships for some time. But they no longer manage, like my friend Vera, to repeat this amazing frivolous and unforgettable summer feeling at other times of the year. Well, 40% run away after the rest. 

Under what circumstances do resort novels happen?

It may seem strange, but a great influence on people has … the weather on vacation. Solar heat warms the senses and provokes the emergence of passionate fleeting novels. Do not believe?

In hot weather, a person puts on a minimum of clothing, especially girls and young women with an attractive body. This is a chance for them to show what success they have achieved while sitting on exhausting diets in winter and spring. The clothing itself can be called so very conditionally: it covers the minimum and opens the maximum, hinting and calling …

Under the rays of the insidious sun, the body begins to intensively produce the hormone of joy and flirting – serotonin. In the strong half, increased testosterone secretion begins. This makes men very temperamental and ready for various feats. Women can not resist when they have such a guy in front of their eyes! The transmission rate of nerve impulses reaches its maximum. If someone liked someone, then it takes a minimum of time to courtship, and rapprochement occurs at cosmic speed. The degree of commonality and mutual understanding sharply rises! 

Hot weather helps to relax the muscles of the body. A person is liberated internally, forgetting about his complexes. People become good-natured, sincere, they see only positive things around. In other words, at resorts people perceive each other through pink glasses. When the warm sea splashes at the feet, the sun shines in the blue sky, palm trees and any other tropical vegetation turn green in the distance – is it not paradise! And in a paradise, strangers become less circumspect and make contact with strangers easier. It’s easier for them to start a conversation about anything, give a compliment to an attractive girl, and make a joke. After all, they do not owe anything to anyone here. Why not “unwind the soul with an accordion” and come off in full!    

The beginning and end of a beach romance

Beachwear removes all visual barriers, the role of which is played by a regular casual outfit. The girl’s bikini warms up the male imagination, and swimming trunks or boxer shorts with a bright pattern emphasize the advantages of the owner of the “beach suit”. In such clothes on the beach everyone is equal: there are no bankers, journalists and professors, and all the girls and women are so good in the eyes of men that they are ready to see goddesses and top models in them !

The holiday romance begins with the stereotypical attitude of the girl within herself about the perfect acquaintance that could only happen here, and nowhere else. The noise of the surf, the hand of a new acquaintance, who hugs at the waist and the gentle, affectionate words that he whispers in his ear, all this blows his mind completely, but only among the fairer sex. 

In men, the head is cold in any situation, and the brains are working in the right direction. Women themselves tend to create in their heads the stereotypes of selfless beautiful princes. This is a fishing rod that they catch themselves on. It is quite clear that it is difficult to think logically and reasonably when hormones play in the blood, and the remnants of sober thoughts completely blur your own idea of ​​your irresistibility in a stunning bikini.

I want to emphasize once again that the summer holiday season is especially dangerous for the female sex, although men like to wail: wherever you look, everywhere legs, hips, busts. At the beginning of a beach romance, girls have some advantage: men fall in love with them before sex, and women after them. 

Due to the accelerated development of events, men do not have time for deep feelings: when he has achieved his goals, he is no longer interested in a lady who languidly rolls her eyes and tells him about her feelings. He does not have time, because the hunter’s instinct calls him to the next adventure with the new queens of the beach state. The resort macho quickly kisses his ex, shoves a scrap of paper with an email address at her and disappears into the predawn fog. The beauty can only shed tears about how everything began well and how badly ended.

To summarize

Do not step on the same rake. If you are going to relax at sea and have another romance, consider your sad previous experience. Do not idealize the partner (partner). Resort acquaintance, especially in that we pay more attention to appearance than to the personality of a person. The beauty of the body sticks out from all open places, and the personality rests deep inside. The postulate “if a person is beautiful, then he is good” is not always correct. In the cold season, all beauty will be hidden under clothes, and you will have to build a possible relationship with the person. 

Enjoy your summer vacation and less unexpected unpleasant adventures!

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