How can a woman not lose a male friend?

… Tatyana and Maxim met on a camping trip. It turned out that they have a lot of common friends and interests. Tanya liked Max as a man, but he kept his distance and mentioned his girlfriend in conversation.

However, a friendship was established – they either went to a presentation together, or to a concert, or they would chat on the phone for two hours. They especially became close when the same girl left Max – Tanya comforted him (exulting in his soul). Six months later, helping him “out of friendship” to move to a new apartment, she could not resist, responded to Max’s call and ended up in his bed.  

In the morning we parted, a kiss – and – “We will call you!” Tatyana waited for the continuation, wrote a frivolous text message, and in response to the cold: “If you want to communicate as before, I will be glad. I don’t see you in any other status. ” So the friendship ended. But was she at all?   

Psychologists believe that in a pair of “friends” one wants more than friendship (there are exceptions, but we will not discuss them in this article). More often a man, seeing an attractive woman, but not finding a response and not seeing a prospect (maybe he is not free, maybe she is married, the difference in age or status prevents him), offers her friendship.

Dear ladies, take off your pink glasses, if it seems to you that your bosom friend from the neighboring department, now and then inviting you to smoke and have lunch together and complaining about misunderstanding with your wife, have never thought of you as a sexual object – you are mistaken. I even thought more than once. 

Women usually have enough intellectual communication, they don’t think about sex with a friend. They, that is, we, like just being in the zone of male attention, there is always someone with whom to go to the theater, to a nightclub or to a party, where everything is in pairs …

The friendship between a man and a woman is extremely useful. Both have with whom to discuss the behavior of the “incomprehensible” opposite sex. Pluses – a lot. Minus – not a single one.  

But how to make sure not to lose this very friend, if you look with lust at him? If you, like that same Tatyana, would like to continue the banquet and other relations with yesterday’s comrade.

First, honestly answer yourself: are you attractive to your friend as a woman? Is it suitable for him as a couple?  

One of my clients on a dating site found boys ten years younger than themselves. And I did not understand why after 4−5 dates she was left. One of them explained: “You are wonderful, but I want to find the other half, get married … Why waste time?”

Remember: when a man likes you as a woman, when he sees you as a potential wife, he will not be stopped by the fact that you are friends, he will rest against his horn and transfer your relationship to a different plane.

With a man who you like, but who is clearly in no hurry with courtship, it is better to carefully maintain friendly relations without sex. How to do it?

1. Do not part with communication. Unbeknownst to yourself, you can get carried away.

2. Do not constantly ask for help. A friend is still not a husband.  

3. Stop his attempts to sleep with you. So directly and say: “I do not want to lose a friend! Cool down. ” After sex, the former lightness always disappears, alas …

4. Do not provoke a friend with a deep neckline, touches, sensual kisses, conversations about this. Be friends – it means that the topics of conversation are neutral, meetings on neutral territory, and not at his home. 

5. Emphasize that you value him as a friend, avoid singing the praises of his intellect, figure, beautiful hands and eyes. A hunter will wake up in him, he will drag you to bed and … will cease to be your friend.

If you still could not resist and became lovers for a while, run first! Pretend that nothing happened, and say out loud: “We all dreamed, forget about it.” Take a break in communication, and then start all over again. 

Psychologists say that the best friends come from former lovers who were not connected by a serious relationship. Men really appreciate women who, having slept with them, never repeat this again and never remind about it.

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