How much is sex today? Calculate the cost of pleasure

Warning: family reading not recommended.

… I spend an hour to explain to a friend the principle of concluding a loan agreement, then I explode.

… I inform my friends about the next novelty of decorative cosmetics that I am allergic to it.

… I come to the appointment with a masseuse complaining of lumbar chondrosis.

What unites these three cases? Everyone asked the same question: “When was the last time you had sex?” 

Sex has become a universal remedy for all diseases and problems. Everyone must be engaged in it: from small to large. If there is no sex in a person’s life, then it’s better not to mess with him – you never know how much he suffers on this basis. At least neurasthenia, acne and caries. If this concerns a woman, then she will necessarily grow old early or get cancer. If men – then he is credited with early impotence and poisoning of the body with unspent sperm.   

Almost from birth, sexual education of a person begins. He must know everything about sex: what types of sex exist, how to protect against undesirable consequences. This is much more important than knowing your rights and responsibilities or physics. 

And now we’ll calculate how much this miracle cure for all ills costs. For this we need only one arithmetic operation – addition. We will add the amounts spent on: 

For girls:

contraceptives . Rarely, what kind of man is worried about acquiring contraceptives. When it comes to using a condom, many immediately begin to have impotence, and they become “clean” like glass. Therefore, the girl takes care of herself: starting with putting on an IUD or drinking contraceptives, and ending with buying normal condoms at the pharmacy. But a greater amount of effort and money is spent on the treatment of the effects of contraception. In the case of the IUD , the chronic inflammatory process that it causes. If we talk about hormonal drugs – women risk acquiring cervical cancer and get all the complications associated with taking hormones. All types of contraception have a common risk – to remain without children forever. Probably every woman knows about the dangers of the most terrible type of contraception – abortion . prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Prevention is associated with the acquisition of condoms and additional funds: chlorhexidine , etc. The same can be attributed to screening for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. If a person leads an active sex life, then such an examination should be done annually. And for safety, they are checked at several centers. This translates into a good amount. If they find something, then the treatment is usually long and involves taking horse doses of antibiotics, which affects the work of all internal organs. If left untreated, the consequences can be dire – infertility, chronic diseases, and possibly severe congenital diseases in unborn children. acquisition of attributes without which “sex is impossible” : erotic underwear, wardrobe, shoes, accessories and everything else that includes appearance. It costs a lot. After all, no one will have sex with ragged. They will be more true, but not at all those with whom I would like. attachments to the body . For the body to be wanted more and more, it must be attractive. This is where the cosmetology rooms, beauty salons, fitness centers and plastic surgery live. It happens that girls, increasing their sexuality, reach the point of absurdity. But even without absurdity, considerable money is spent on this. the cost of visiting fishing places : discos, bars, restaurants. in critical circumstances: when you need to hold the object of passion – this is the acquisition of “fancy” costumes , toys, attending courses in tantric sex and erotic plastic. in severe cases , seduction manuals , seminars and trainings on attracting super males are purchased, and perfumes with pheromones, pornography and vibrators are bought. in cases completely incurable – the costs of “prostitutes” and the maintenance of gigolos .      



for their part, they also bear costs, in many respects similar to women’s. This is the cost of:

prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. For men, prostate cancer and impotence can be mentioned as consequences.
appearance – clothing, cosmetologist services, plastic surgery, gym, dentistry, accessories; expenses for visiting fishing places and expenses for getting to know: cocktails, sweets, bouquets; the costs of maintaining communication with the girl — going to the cinema with her, trips to the camp site, and in general — providing the girl with pleasant leisure; rental costs of rental housing , if not own; in severe cases – attending pickup courses , tantric sex and the like training events; in clinical cases , the costs of prostitutes 

I recently picked up a calculator and calculated the cost of sex.

… If I take courses on anger management, I select hypoallergenic cosmetics and prevent lumbar chondrosis, doing aerobics at home, then the amount spent will be much less.

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