How to avoid boredom in family life?

Over time, any couple is in wait for fatigue and boredom. The longer your family life, the more likely you will be overwhelmed by disappointment.

Fatigue struck your relationship, if you feel tired of constant quarrels and grievances, you feel sorry for yourself, the presence of a loved one is not happy, you are visited by thoughts that you made a mistake in choosing a partner, spent time with this person for nothing, you are frankly lazy fight to maintain this relationship.

However, there is always hope for a cure, just do not let everything go by its own accord, but for now there is time – urgent action. So… 

1. Do not turn into a couch potato. Household chores, routine kill romance and novelty in a relationship. Change the environment, go on a visit, go out with friends to nature, go together on vacation. Expand your usual entertainment. Going to the cinema, theater, fishing and cafe is all good, the main thing is together and with pleasure.   

2. Do not go in cycles. Learn how to switch, if you are at work, forget about home problems. If you constantly think about your problems, then you will not find a way out, but only you will completely become mired in negative emotions. Of course, this is difficult, but make an effort, disconnect from worries, and then with a fresh head take on overcoming difficulties. 

3. Find something to your liking. Go in for sports – running, swimming, dancing, yoga, skiing and even regular morning exercises – this is extremely beneficial for health and for getting positive emotions. Embroider, knit, cook new dishes , draw, sculpt from clay, write articles, do interior design, read a book, in the end. A person who is passionate about something other than household chores is much more attractive and interesting as a person.      

4. Have sex. Psychologists say that couples sleeping in different beds begin to experience cooling to each other much faster. Nothing unites spouses as mutual love, physical pleasure and affection. Any disagreements are resolved faster if the couple has everything in order with sex. Never refuse sex to a partner because of his bad behavior. This is fraught with a complete cooling of relations. 

5. Give tenderness. Do not skimp on affection, kind words, but you need to know the measure and not abuse the tenderness, it also palls and bothers. 

6. You can extend the feeling of “freshness” in a relationship, if during a conversation with a loved one concentrate on the positive aspects of life . Remember something pleasant and interesting and share it with your spouse.  

7. Of course, you should not underestimate the rest of the two, but they should not be abused, especially during the crisis. Otherwise, it will turn into a series of quarrels that will ruin your impressions. It will be better if from time to time you go to a cafe with a friend or just get out for a walk in the park alone. The latter, by the way, helps to streamline thoughts. 

Remember that with this person you have the most wonderful moments in life, solve problems, and do not run away from them. And don’t let temporary boredom ruin your family life.

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