How to become a big sex star?

Obviously, to achieve a stellar level in any business is possible only with cosmic speed. After graduation, vaguely recalled that these speeds – as many as three. Which of them must be used to get to the level of space heights in sex? 

First cosmic speed

Recall that the first cosmic velocity is the speed of a ballistic projectile at which it, breaking away from the Earth, does not fall on it, but moves in a circular orbit. That is, it will become a satellite.

A companion in sex is important. It’s hard to reach the cosmic heights of oneself, right? Those who are afraid of heights, it is better to choose a smaller planet, then the orbit will be lower and do not have to jump above your head. I explain: for a successful relationship it is very important that partners do not expect too much from each other at once. And then, it is still unknown which of the two agrees to the role of the planet, and who will “reach cosmic heights.” Change roles more often and then the pleasure of sex will be guaranteed sky-high.   

Second cosmic velocity

If a satellite, winding circles in the orbit of the planet, suddenly got bored and wanted something new, he would have to add playfulness. To leave the Earth and become a satellite of the Sun, it is necessary to move at a speed of more than 11 kilometers per second, so that the home planet does not catch up and put a slipper on the neck.

Being a companion of the sun is not easy. Not only do you have to constantly revolve around the star, trying not to burn out in its frantic temperament, you also have to put up with a bunch of other satellites that curl around. Therefore, one will have to hide one’s own jealousy deeper. Of course, you must definitely choose a safe orbit for yourself so as not to intersect with the trajectories of other planets. This will prevent a catastrophe of truly cosmic proportions.

The most difficult thing in this case is the constant need to prove that you are a worthy companion of the Sun. Until the most shaggy old age, you will have to be in shape and daily refresh in the memory of the Kama Sutra.  

Third space velocity

Voluntarily leave the limits of the solar system, few decide. Most often, losses among the stars of a star occur under the influence of elemental forces and circumstances. For example, some stray asteroid will lead the heavenly body out of the way of the true one. To leave the solar system on your own, you will have to move at a third cosmic speed. To do this, you just need huge willpower. Traveling from one galaxy to another, it is important not to get into the zone of attraction of any regular planet. It is better to accumulate weight in society and become a star yourself.

It’s hard to believe, but there are those who part with the universe of big sex voluntarily and forever. Proudly hovering over carnal relationships, they call themselves asexuals, while everyone else calls them the strangest sexual minority. These amazing physical bodies are able to exist next to each other, not at all experiencing sexual attraction. However, they argue that mutual gravity can exist due to a different force. To prove their case, these eccentrics quote romance novels from the past millennium. 

No matter how strange it is to hear the word “love” in the 21st century, one has to admit that it is still she who “moves the Sun and the stars.” And in search of love, we are able to truly achieve it. 

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