How to combine business with pleasure? Gymnastics during sex

If you assume that everything will turn out easily and immediately – you can no longer read. Like any gymnastics, the proposed exercises require some perseverance and patience. You should not be afraid, either – the gods do not burn the pots.  

The author of the exercises is a British sexologist, a certain Albert Crown. When developing, the author proceeded from the fact that the genitals are, in fact, muscles that can and should be trained. For what? For pleasure and health. Due to the fact that it is difficult to imagine how to use the muscles of the genitals separately from other muscle groups, the visual effect of the exercises will be observed throughout the body.  

To begin with – the general advice of a doctor. Have sex at least three times a week. Sex is a serious matter, hastily relieve need, waking up in the middle of the night, hastily and half asleep – is inappropriate. Take your time, each session should last at least thirty minutes. The main thing is not reaching the peak – an orgasm, but moving towards it.     

Based on general recommendations and learning how to accurately perform the exercises described below, in a couple of months you will achieve that your figures become perfect and your genitals – insatiable. So, we started. 

Exercises for the hips.
For her. Slowly sinking down on the partner, accept a pose of the horsewoman. Slowly, start the “jump”, gradually accelerate the pace of movements. Perform several series of approximately 25 movements. 

The first series can be “driven”, resting on your knees. Then squat down. If the partner is in time for you, you can speed up the pace and reduce the number of movements to 15. In no case do not rest your hands, do not tug your partner’s nipples, otherwise he will “finish the training” ahead of time. 

For him. Take on the counting of the partner’s movements, this will distract and help to distance the orgasm. You need to lie down only on a hard bed, the palace is not suitable – get scuffs and calluses. Do not think that you can remain an outside observer, help your partner with your hips. If it’s hard for her to “squat” on her haunches, support her by the hips or help her movements, putting her palms under her buttocks, at the same time pump her hands up.  

Exercises for the abdomen.
For her. Standing on all fours, spread your legs, rest your hands and bend your back like a cat. The partner “attacks” from behind, you move towards. Repeat approximately 50 times at an average pace. 

Then roll over onto your back, raise your legs up and hug the partner’s neck with them. Leaning on your hands, keep your hips awning. Based on your hands, move to the partner and back. During movements, straining the abdomen, try to contract the muscles of the vagina with slow jerks. At first, you are unlikely to manage to hold out for more than 5 minutes. Over time, you can bring up to a quarter of an hour. For him. In the first part of the exercise, try not to help yourself with your hands, but if you do not have time to move in the same rhythm with your partner, grasp her hips. In the second part, fully support the partner and help her. 


Exercises for the legs.
For her. Stand and securely rest on an object. Place your feet 25 centimeters from the support and spread them wide. First, bending your legs slightly, stand on tiptoe. Repeat up and down movements. The next step is to slowly raise and then lower the right leg. These same movement again left foot, leaning to the right. To start, try to do 25 repetitions. For him. Do not lose your partner and maintain the rhythm. If the growth difference is significant, a couple of TSB volumes will help.   


Exercises for arms and chest.
For her. Lie down and rest on your hands. A partner raises your hips. Press on your hands and stay in this position for as long as possible. If possible, swinging on your hands, help your partner. Do up to 15 repetitions. 

For him. In the process of exercise, without relaxing your hands and not violating the pace, bend over and kiss your partner. 

Hard? Hmm, who’s easy now? But it’s fun and the result is wonderful. Good luck.

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