How to create the perfect seductress wardrobe?

Men always pay attention to seductive wardrobe details. If you add them to your image, it will turn out to catch your eyes. And if you want to seduce someone, you shouldn’t neglect elegant outfits. What do you need to buy to win hearts?

We found 10 items of clothing that men really like. They can be worn with other things or combined with each other. They will not only decorate the figure and attract attention, but also increase the girl’s self-esteem.

1. High heels

Nice shoes always look charming. They lengthen the legs, visually stretch the figure. The girl in heels seems more vulnerable, she wants to be saved. At the same time, the gait changes: the hips swing a little more, attracting the eyes. But it is important to be able to walk in heels so that it looks presentable and effective. And even if your legs are very tired, you should not bend your knees while walking or slouching. 

2. Stockings

The thin mesh that wraps the legs is beautiful. But the lace elastic bands hiding on the thighs are exciting. The woman herself feels like a queen when she puts on stockings. And although no one around her guesses that she is in this accessory, all the same, sexuality seems to show through in her every movement. You can wear stockings with a special belt. The set will appeal to any man when it comes to sex.

3. Skirt with a slit

The slit from which the leg protrudes is a very attractive wardrobe item. It is interesting when it is located on the side, and the body is exposed as if by accident when moving. But the height of the cut should not be too deep, it is worth leaving the man room for fantasy. The cut looks great on knee-length skirts or maxi options. If the skirt is short, the slit will make it look vulgar and should be avoided.

4. Corset

The combination of a lush chest and a thin waist always attracts attention. And corsets help to adjust the shape. All flaws are smoothed out in them, the chest rises. The corset is worn in different ways. Some options are considered underwear and are hidden under clothes, then only a beautiful figure is visible to others. And there are models that are part of the costume. Such a corset is worn with a skirt or trousers, often complemented by a shirt.

5. Dress with an open back

A graceful evening dress with a huge back cut looks very seductive. But such a thing suits more slender girls with a beautiful breast shape. Such a dress should not be too short. Sometimes the back may not be completely exposed, the transparent mesh gives a similar effect, but at the same time decorates the body no worse. It is worth choosing such an outfit for a party, some important event, or going out.

6. Silk negligee

A silk robe for the home is a seductive piece. They can replace terry robes or tracksuits. This outfit emphasizes the grace of the figure. The delicate fabric seems to flow over the skin, making you want to touch. In such clothes, every man wants to see his lady. And if the negligee is also transparent, then this is a hint of upcoming sex.

7. Pencil skirt

Underlining the silhouette is very popular with men, they do not like baggy things. And it is the pencil skirt that outlines the hips so that you want to look at them again and again. The tapered version at the knees makes the gait smooth and unhurried. In such clothes, a girl cannot step wide, which makes her movements very graceful and refined. If you combine this skirt with heels, men will not be able to take their eyes off.

8. A-line dress

It is easy to create a feminine look with a dress. The A-line defines the waist and slightly widens the hips. Looks perfect when the dress is made of light fabric, it seems to flow over the body. The length may vary, it is important to select it individually. The dress can be fat, it is important to choose it for the figure. Sometimes it is appropriate to choose only a slightly flared model so as not to enlarge the hips too much.

9. Red blouse or jacket

Red things get attention. Any scarlet thing will arouse the interest of a man. But it is the blouse or jacket that looks very erotic. Color is appropriate in any situation: from a walk to an evening out. You can complement the image with red lipstick and jewelry. But the main thing is that the red color looks interesting, the shade should emphasize the grace of the figure. You need to understand that red sometimes highlights flaws, so accents should be done only on the most charming parts of the body, for example, on the chest.

10. Shorts

Short shorts are pretty. They allow you to see the legs, and also emphasize the buttocks. It’s seductive and interesting. But it’s important to pair things correctly when wearing. Attention should be paid to shoes. Sometimes shorts and heels look provocative together, you need to catch the right balance of the rise and length of short pants. And you can not wear shorts in every situation, they are inappropriate at work or business events.
To create a seductive wardrobe, you need to understand what men are looking at. They like tight things that allow them to admire the waist and buttocks. Often they are turned on by feminine dresses and skirts that emphasize individuality. And frankness attracts many: necklines, short length. It’s not difficult to create the perfect wardrobe, it is important to choose clothes that attract attention.

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