How to develop your sexuality

To get the maximum pleasure in bed, we sometimes get in the way of our own stiffness. Women tend to be complex or distracted by secondary factors during sex. To become more relaxed and sexier, to get multiple orgasms and deliver unearthly pleasure to your partner, you need to work on yourself and fulfill the following conditions.

Accept your body

Stop being ashamed of your naked body. Get to know him better. Strip and stand in front of a mirror. Turn off your self-criticism and try to look at yourself lovingly. Love your appendicitis scar, cellulite on your legs, thick calves and belly folds. Sexuality is not always a perfect figure. Typically, sexuality is about self-confidence and charisma that knocks down and consumes a sex partner. If a woman is pleased with herself, the partner rarely doubts her impeccability.

Stay yourself

Never suppress secret desires in yourself. If in life you have to lead and dominate employees, then it is understandable that in sex you may like to obey. And you should not be ashamed of this or make excuses to your partner. You can completely relax and get maximum pleasure only in conditions that are comfortable for you. Don’t be afraid to talk frankly with your partner, discussing fantasies and desires. If you’re lucky, you can give each other what you want if you reach a compromise.

Be more diverse

Sex is not limited to vaginal penetration and banal forward movements. Dilute it with oral sex, sensual massage, petting . You will be surprised how much brighter the sensations will become if you alternate sexual caresses and techniques. Orgasm is not the main goal of every act; the process itself can bring pleasure.

Add some play

If you’re used to having traditional sex, it’s time to rethink the conservative approach and add toys and role-playing games to the process. Feel free to try new means to expand your horizons of intimate pleasures. Look for new options, experiment and choose the brightest from the palette of sensations.

Target multiple orgasms

Not all women can achieve one orgasm at a time, but it’s time to take more from life. You deserve it, which means you should not be content with little. Nature has repaid us for women’s torment during childbirth and PMS, which means that we need to use this gift of repeated pleasure. Study your reactions to different types of stimuli and look for the best option for yourself, how to increase sexual pleasure. 

Explore your erogenous zones

Each person’s body has its own characteristics, and yours is no exception. Examine it for the most sensitive spots. It will not be difficult for you to determine in which zone you have the largest number of nerve endings. New knowledge will expand the range of your possibilities and allow you to use them to improve the quality of each sexual intercourse.
Sexuality is not an innate quality, it needs to be developed. Train your female magnetism and sexual prowess. To do this, you just need to 

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