How to diversify the sex life of a couple, or the tips of glossy magazines

“Even the most loving husband three years later ceases to be an ardent lover.” (E.-L. Voynich) is a sad truth that any couple whose life together has marked the indicated date must face. But somehow it is unreasonable to consider a relationship futile, based only on the fact that in bed it became a little boring. Ladies’ glossy magazines are well acquainted with this problem, so articles with tips on how to diversify sex life appear with enviable regularity. Having selected the ideas most suitable for our couple, we brought them to life. Estimates and conclusions I offer to the attention of readers.  

1. Classics of the genre.
“Put notes of love content that fuel your man’s imagination ” It’s simple, I decided. Notes in pockets, text messages on the phone, lipstick on the mirror – my imagination worked at full capacity. True, some hitch came out with the text. To begin with, I decided to limit myself to the banal “Love / Waiting / I Want”. The result was not bad. The husband was on top. Evaluation (on a 5-point scale): 3. Disadvantage : it is necessary to overcome embarrassment from the unusual way of declaring your desire, in recent years we have become accustomed to using non-verbal means of invitation to bed. 

2. The most common advice.
“Remember how Kim treated Mickey in the famous erotic scene of the movie“ Nine and a Half Weeks ”, sit down by the refrigerator or grab some fruit in the bedroom, and start serving. Your friend will appreciate it! ” . Well, right so I couldn’t get to the refrigerator. Having made the necessary supplies, I settled down with Milly on the couch by the TV to watch the evening news. Quite by accident, strawberries fall on his courageous chest … Next – a technical matter. Spouse again on top. Yes, and I pleasantly ate strawberries with cream. They exhausted the whole spray can. Evaluation : 3. Disadvantage : you have to choose the moment of “serving”, because not even any most interested husband will be able to distract from any program. In addition , cream is not entirely useful for the figure. I am comforted by the fact that subsequent sex “eats” the received excess calories.  


3. Change of role.
“Become a vamp woman / priestess of love / young Lolita for one evening – and you will be surprised how much passion is hidden in the heart of your man ” I settled on a geysha. She prepared (read “I ordered in a Japanese restaurant”) sushi and other seafood, extracted kimonos from the bowels of the wardrobe, arranged space on the floor, throwing pillows on a blanket — it turned out to be very oriental. At first it was somehow uncomfortable, but after the meal the process began. Assessment : 2. Disadvantage : there is a risk that the Believer will come home from work tired and not in the mood, and you’re all like that in a kimono …  

4. Change of scenery .
“Are you used to having sex in the bedroom?” Get to nature, to the car, to the kitchen, finally! ” . Oh, that is a pleasure! Shake the old days, so to speak. Ah, where did we not practice when we just fell in love ?! Over time, having the opportunity to do IT in the bedroom, they only lived there. But how much romance in diving mosquitoes! What an adrenaline rush in a half-empty cinema! And how many orgasms can be collected in a car on the side of a big road! It turned out by the method of checking objects that in the parks we are now embarrassed, and in the cinemas it is full of people, it turns out. The good old “machine” sex played a role in changing the environment. Evaluation : 4. Disadvantage : those who are accustomed to the silence, coziness and comfort of a bedroom are finding it harder to get out into the light, and most importantly , to gather their thoughts in such extreme circumstances. 


5. Add a twist.
“Change your behavior in the bedroom: if you are always silent, start talking; if the night light is always on , extinguish it; break the sequence of poses, try new ones. ” A detailed study of sex tips inspired me to experiment in the bedroom. Blindfolds, silk scarves, ice cubes, massage lotions – original, but the greatest effect had champagne in my mouth (mine) during oral sex (Beloved). He appreciated the effect of the bubbles, and even part of the drink hit me in the head. Rating : 4. Disadvantage : not all experiments were successful, although the time spent on finding the most interesting was spent with mutual benefit and mutual pleasure.   

6. Morning exercises.
“A man has an erection up to five times a night. You need to use it! ” Well, at night I couldn’t catch these “four times”, because it was difficult to do this in a dream, but I did not miss the morning session. True, he had to set his own alarm clock to open his eyes fifteen minutes earlier than Dear, but he liked this way of waking him up. And since there was not much time, the “session” was excitingly fast. Rating : 4. Disadvantage : it is sometimes difficult to force yourself to wake up 15 minutes earlier. 

7. Joint reading.
“Watch together hot magazines or an explicit film. And then repeat the plot in your bed. ” Not too new a way for our couple – so I showed my imagination and drew a dozen erotic drawings, slipping them into the view of the One. He studied the home-grown Kama Sutra, introduced a couple of extra touches and used the “book” as a cheat sheet. Rating : 5. Drawback : at first I wanted to write here that the drawback could be the inability to draw. But on the other hand – it can turn out to be an indispensable advantage! So we can say that the method has no drawbacks. Moreover , one can express one’s hidden desires in this way.   


8. A little separation.
“Separation aggravates feelings ” It’s hard to argue with that. For greater fidelity, I combined this method with paragraph 1. The costs of mobile communications made a small hole in the family budget, but the result of the first wedding night after the return of the Precious one from a weekly business trip was impressive. Assessment : 5. Disadvantage : it is not always possible to find time for separation. But in general – I highly recommend it. 


9. Weaning from the body.
“Many couples who are happily married are religious people and therefore are limited in their ability to have sex, which gives it (sex) a special charm ” We, of course, are not too religious people, fasting is not so strict that this is the problem of our generation of atheists. But why not start spiritual cultivation? That was my idea. Injured completely. Neither my husband nor (what to hide) I could not obey the schedule in sex. Assessment : 1. Disadvantage : if there is no reason, then all refusals of sex under any pretext are not perceived very well.  

10. Return to basics.
“After numerous sexual experiments, it is very pleasant to return to the usual rituals ” I confirm. When I was tired of experimenting, we remembered how we usually do it. And it seemed – as if again. So sex experiments are also good because you can always return to the methods of making love, which have been tested and honed for years of life together. 

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