How to effectively solve the “male” problems?

Undoubtedly, any sexual problems are the problems of both partners, because when sexuality suffers, there are more reasons for disagreement and discontent with each other. This reaction is completely normal, however, if the original problem is not solved, everything can end with a complete breakdown in relations. Some statistics: “sexual dissatisfaction with a partner” has become one of the reasons for divorce for 24% of Russian women. To begin with, let’s figure out what kind of difficulties men often have in bed and how to deal with them?   

Rare failures can arise from normal overvoltage and stress, another question, what is considered rare? If this happens more than once every couple of months, then this is a reason to worry!

Sexual intercourse is an equally important indicator. The average duration of sexual intercourse is 25-30 minutes, and to reach the highest point of pleasure a woman requires an average of at least half an hour. Someone this figure can increase up to 40-50 minutes. Many resort to the “help” of alcohol to increase this time. But this is not an option for obvious reasons – it is harm to health (not least for the reproductive system), and the unreasonableness of sex under the influence of alcohol. In the meantime, even if you resort to this option, then remember that the problem does not go anywhere.   

It is also worth mentioning such unpleasant deviations as a variable erection and low libido (lack of desire). The most popular “solution” is all sorts of famous exciting drugs. The effect of them is quite short-lived (up to 3 hours), but the side effects do not forget about themselves for a long time: increased pressure, accelerated heartbeat, and a strong load on the vessels. 

No less popular methods of temporarily getting rid of impotence are vacuum pumps (they are also advertised as penis enlargers), alternative methods, which, although they have no effect, do not harm health.  

Is it worth it? – You decide.  

“What is the way out?” – the question arises. For prolongation of the act, strengthening of an erection and strengthening of attraction so far there are only 2 well-proven remedies – “Falloston” and “Hammer of the Torah”. They are produced in the form of drops, which are taken orally within 5-15 days. What is the secret of their effectiveness?     

Both drugs consist exclusively of natural components that regulate the production of testosterone – the main male hormone responsible for all sexual functions (until the appearance of desire). The individual components in the drops complement the positive effect. Drops “Thor’s Hammer” is an extract of northern moss that helps restore normal blood flow in the genitals and extraction of Antarctic krill, which improves the digestibility of vitamins A, E and B. 

And in the preparation “Falloston” the same functions are performed by bear bile, broomrape extract and musk deer musk. 

What is their difference?
Both drugs perform their tasks, however, which one is best for you – you will not know until you try the drug on yourself. 

What effect is achieved?
As already mentioned, drops help restore potency, strengthen an erection and prolong sexual intercourse for an hour (!). You will say that this is impossible, but studies and reviews of ordinary people, with both men and women, say that this is more than real!

In addition to such a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, drops make up for the lack of vitamins, which in the best way affects the general well-being .

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