How to invite a colleague on a date?

What You Need to Know Before Acting.

For many people, sex is endowed with extreme importance. And if you just want to attach your friend, but do not plan to start a relationship, think carefully: should you start this game with a colleague.

If you seduce a strange girl, and after you do not see each other, she will survive it much easier. And your colleague will be forced to see you every day and feel used.

Her emotional pain can be detrimental to you. Especially if the girl is your leader or in some way can influence him. A lot of careers were ruined precisely by office romances. But! At the same time, such novels have advanced many on the career ladder. Therefore, in each case, make the decision as carefully and soberly as possible.

Factors Saying You Shouldn’t Call a Colleague on a Date:

  • She is married. Even if she frankly hints that she likes you, you definitely shouldn’t become the reason for her divorce.
  • You are her direct supervisor
  • She is your direct supervisor or influences your boss

Well, all the limiting factors are named. If you have weighed everything and decided to act, let’s move on to the details.

How to invite a colleague on a date. Step-by-step instruction.

Step 1.

Evaluate: how the girl you want to ask you out on a date reacts to you. If there is no interest from her side yet, dress up. Use the services of a stylist, get a good haircut. Improvements in your appearance will definitely attract her attention.

Step 2

As soon as she pays attention to you – immediately act! Make a few light touches – it can be touches on the arm or shoulder. If the reaction to these touches is positive, immediately invite her to have lunch or a cup of coffee together. Surely, there is a cafe near your work where you can sit down and chat for 30 minutes.

It is important to understand here: these 30 minutes for coffee or lunch are NOT a DATE yet, but a prerequisite for it.

Step 3.

During lunch or coffee, arrange a meeting with her. And this meeting should not be put off in a black box. Make an appointment for the same or next evening. And voila ! You invited a colleague on a date!

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