How to make love on a sex swing: top 10 sec poses

Among the most interesting devices for intimacy, the sex swing attracts special attention. At least once in a lifetime, everyone should experience the incredible sensations that they will give. For those who are thinking of having this kind of fun, we suggest exploring the best sex positions on a swing.

This is not to say that sex swings are included in the lists of the most popular sex toys, but they still cause considerable interest. Many people are afraid to buy such unusual sex devices, not knowing where to attach the swing. Actually, fiddling with the mount is exactly the drawback due to which you will not even see a sex swing in every sex shop. However, we recommend purchasing this intriguing device at your earliest convenience to experience some of the most extraordinary sensations in life.    

1. Soaring maiden  

Have your woman sit on the sex swing and spread her legs wide. Kneel between her legs with one hand on her buttocks and the other on her thigh. In this position, do cunnilingus . If you want to add a little domination, then ask the girl to put her hands up and hold them there. A bright female orgasm is guaranteed!   

2. The Flying Dutchman

In this sex position for the most flexible, the woman lies with her stomach down on the swing seat, holds the handles and takes a horizontal position. The man at this moment should stand behind. The partner lifts the woman to him and penetrates. All lovemaking he holds the woman by the hips.  

3. Pearl catcher

The woman lies with her back on the swing seat, spreads her legs and puts them on the stirrup. The man kneels in front of her, lifts the woman and makes cunnilingus . By the way, for convenience, a woman can put a pillow under her head, because it will strongly rest on the floor. This is in every sense a dizzying sex position.


To begin with, adjust the swing straps so that, while sitting on them, you can be about a meter away from the floor. The woman sits on the swing seat and groups up. This position is also called the “embryo position”. The man at this moment lies down on the floor under the seat and makes the woman cunnilingus . A woman can swing, spin and wriggle on a swing as she wants. A man at this moment can also caress himself. This pose allows it. Sophisticated sex masters can please their partners with all blowjob techniques. 

5. In seventh heaven

The woman lies down on the swing with her back and spreads her legs. The man sits on the floor next to him and pushes the woman towards him, holding on to the hips. In this sitting position, he begins to make her cunnilingus . This pose is comfortable for both women and men. The swing raises her pelvis to the desired height, without them pulling such a trick would hurt her neck. This is one of the most ideal positions for not only doing cunnilingus , but also nibbling on her thighs and satisfying herself at this moment.

6. Aerial gymnastics

Ask the woman to sit on the swing seat and lean back until her body is horizontal to the floor. The man stands near her shoulders and bends over to make cunnilingus . The girl at this moment can give the guy oral sex. This position is a new variation of the well-known pose “69”.

7. Playing the flute

This pose will surely bring him a lot of satisfaction. The man lies with his back on the swing seat and sinks back. Next, he stretches his legs straight and spreads them. At this moment, the woman sits on her knees on the floor and begins to give him a blowjob. A man can take her by the hair and guide her in the right direction. This is one of the most comfortable blowjob positions. Don’t forget that you can rotate the swing and move as you like.

8. Cradle of love

Have your woman sit on the swing seat, lean back, and spread her legs. The man gets between the legs of the woman and penetrates the partner. The whole process of making love, he holds her hips. This position is quite comfortable, because the swing helps to keep the woman’s weight, it becomes very light, you can rotate it as you like, setting a different pace.

9. Basic instinct

Ask your woman to sit on the swing seat and lean back slightly so that her body is horizontal to the floor. The man gets between her legs and penetrates. A woman in this position raises her legs and places them on his shoulders or stomach. This position on a sex swing ideally replaces an uncomfortable position on a table or similar object, because there is no need to enclose anything for comfort. A woman here can spin in completely different ways, slightly pushing her legs off the man’s body.

10. On the wings of love

The woman lies down on a hanging sex swing and spreads her legs. The man stands between her legs, at this moment the woman puts her feet on the stirrup behind his back. This pose allows the man to focus on the woman’s erogenous zones, such as her inner thighs. The pose also allows the partner to caress the woman’s breasts during sex. As you may have noticed from the above illustrations, there are all kinds of sex swing models: some look like acrobatic ribbons, while others resemble a hammock. Which model is better – each couple decides for themselves. But we strongly recommend choosing variations that already include a mounting base. 

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