How to throw a state net on the “night butterflies”? Trinity female-male-leg dinosaur

If the “night butterflies” fly, then something needs to be done. With the reasons, the origins of prostitution, we more or less figured out. But how to deal with it? Do I need to do this at all? Or let the girls of easy virtue decide how easy it is to get there? 

No, all the intimate business – business public! This process concerns each, so to speak, “pistil and stamens”. In order to shed light on the path to curbing prostitution, we will again have to go back to our ancestor Neanderthal man and the roasted leg of the lizard.    

As we recall, a Neanderthal male with an appetite hawala the fried, just from the fire, leg of the aforementioned predator. Now we are also frying chicken thighs in the forest. And the young Neanderthal was damn hungry and looked with lust at how appetizingly the male was eating the leg of the lizard. The first act of deliberate prostitution occurred between Neanderthals when the female body was exchanged for the smoking leg of a pangolin. In this chain – the female-male-leg of the lizard – the first item – the female – will still want to eat. Is always.         

Therefore, if the authorities try to hit on the side of the proposal of prostitution, then this step is doomed to failure. It is almost the same as issuing a decree prohibiting parts of women from hunger. Refuse, so to speak, from the fragrant leg of the pangolin. Unpromising way. In our sequence (female-male-leg of the lizard ), it is also impossible to strike the authorities with the third point – the leg of the lizard (food) . The hungry masses will sweep away any government at once, and they will also have a bite. Not those times now.     

It turns out that only the second point of our chain – the male – can become the target of government influence. That is, by hitting the male and introducing punishment for the purchase of a prostitute, the authorities can practically negate large-scale prostitution. There will be no demand due to fear of punishment – supply will disappear. The law of trade! For example, what kind of producer-seller will independently bake, deliver, say, cheesecakes, sell them if the trade inspection officially prohibits the trade in cheesecakes? Yes, no one will!        

Why work at a loss yourself! Yes, and subsequently, the “sky in the box” can be seen. No and no again! Cheesecake will completely disappear from the shelves and only somewhere, in a deep underground, dark persons with rolling eyes will occasionally risk and bake cheesecakes in tiny batches, if not even individually. 

So it is with prostitution: if you hit on demand, you can drive this phenomenon into a deep underground , or even completely eradicate it in some parts of the country. Of course , there are pluses in this scenario . Tens of thousands of girls and women of easy virtue will return home to their parents. And often to their children, husbands! Perhaps part of the charm, and, I hope, the best part, get a job. For now there will be no income from trading your own body!  

Finally, there will be someone to “walk” for piglets in the village to milk the cows . City girls from the panel will be able to replenish the office plankton noticeably thinned as a result of the crisis. And what? If they have, for so many years of working as “night butterflies,” each, read, a night agreed with a client, but not with one, you can imagine which of them turned out to be excellent homegrown psychologists! Yes, they are able to sell the “bald line” to the client! They will include enviable sales managers, customer service specialists, office managers and directors of public relations, PR specialists, public and even political figures.    

But that is not all. The epidemic of venereal diseases will tangibly decline. AIDS will also reverse. The psychological situation in families will improve, and very significantly. After all, men in the absence of prostitution will already have much fewer reasons to “look” with their eyes and corps “to the left.” They will begin to “mow” directly, that is, to their own wives, and even to the right – to strangers’ wives. But those wives have their husbands. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for a peasant to “go left” than to a “night butterfly”.   

Someone, of course, will sway towards adultery with other people’s wives, but most of them will just look more closely at their spouse, lover, girlfriend. Men will become kinder, more gallant, nobler towards them. From this, men and women will become stronger and more likely to love each other, willingly producing children. Indeed, from love often offspring happen. Thus, the demographic situation in the country will dramatically improve , and thereby the Russians will support the call of the president and parliament to give birth more and more willingly. Morality of society as a whole will rise to a new level. Literacy will increase.  

I understand that many girls of easy virtue, to put it mildly, do not differ in education. Do not monitor the purity of the Russian language. They are constantly caring for another language in their mouth. Rinse it after clients with mint liquids. Brush your teeth and, importantly, tear your tongue with a rough surface of the toothbrush. In the end, this language is one of the most important working tools of “night butterflies”.  

But the literary language, the language of communication, very often they have ailment . For example, to the innocent question “Do you like horseradish?” The girl replies: “If standing, then yes. And if hanging, then no. After all, you still have to work with him! ” And this despite the fact that the question was asked in a small restaurant, where the waiters put two types of horseradish to the cold slices of beef tongue on the edge of the plate. One with beets, the other pure horseradish. I had in mind in my question the usual dining room. So sometimes some concepts are distorted in girls, which becomes insulting.     

And the girls sometimes speak obscenities no worse than a loader in a liquor store. And why? Yes, life drove them off the bench at school, college, college and drove to the panel. Take a look at the announcement of intimate services and see how many of the following typical lines are: “Students, 18-24. Leisure ” . This is how many young talents, instead of gnawing at the granite of science, excuse me, they taste completely different things!  

If prostitution can be eliminated, then all these girls will return to school. Young, and sometimes not very, girls and ladies with diplomas of pedagogical universities will go to work in school, and not on the panel, as it happens. So, the intellectuality of society as a whole will increase , it will become less obscene, foul language on the streets, if on a state scale radically reduce the level of prostitution. 

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