Marital relations: what is the surprise of the laws of different countries? About “this” and not only …

What surprises can you sometimes find in legislative acts … Some of them are old, others are “younger”, but sometimes both of them surprise. Here are just a few aspects.  

What is possible for a wife and what is not 

The strict rule from the “Russian Truth” by Yaroslav the Wise – “let his wife be afraid” – turned out to be very tenacious in the legal space of the transatlantic distances, namely, in the USA, a state claiming the status of the most democratic in the whole world. Those who do not believe should familiarize themselves with the laws of some states.   

For example, in Michigan, it turns out that a wife is allowed to make a haircut only with the permission of her husband, and even if this norm is formal in our time, but if desired, a man who is unhappy with the new hairstyle of his “half” has the right to use it. In Montana, the spouse does not have the right to open the mail of her fiancé, otherwise she may well “ring out” in prison.

But in Arizona, married women have a curious advantage over unmarried women: if, before marriage, any lady is denied the right to fish alone, even if she is engaged, then after the wedding she can proudly go fishing without an escort, although only on Sundays. And in Florida, only family ladies can, unlike others, parachute, by the way, also on Sundays.

Where rude family showdowns are allowed

Someone may not know, but in both hemispheres of the Earth there are legal regulations that recognize physical measures in clarifying marital relations. In particular, in Alabama’s Jasper, a husband can use a stick as an educational tool, but not any, any, but only one whose diameter does not exceed the thickness of the thumb on the hand of the educator himself.

In Los Angeles, the legally permissible toolkit for the head of the family is trivial – the belt. True, if he, the belt, turns out to be wider than two inches (for those who do not know: 1 inch is 2.54 cm), then in order to use it, his wife’s consent is required to be a flog. Otherwise, that is, if permission is not obtained, the execution is recognized as illegal. In Arkansas, it is also permissible to assault a wife, but there are time restrictions: no more than once a month.    

And the rank-and-file Great Britain recognizes that the husband has the right to beat his wife, while stipulating that this is permissible only until 21.00. This restriction is accepted on the grounds that the cries of the victim may disturb the peace of other residents. And only in Hong Kong is it believed that a woman can also fend for herself. Yes, how! She is allowed to kill her husband, who turned out to be an insidious traitor, if she can commit lynching with her bare hands, without the use of any weapons or improvised means. Here it is, in Hong Kong!

What incidents are allowed in laws about “this”

The watchful eye of the law did not ignore the most delicate sphere of marital relations. In Minnesota, a husband is forbidden from intimacy with his wife if, after a meal, he could not get rid of the smell of garlic or onions. Using a man’s obscene language during marital intercourse in Oregon is considered illegal. In Montana, all sexual partners, including those who are married, are allowed intimacy exclusively in the “missionary” position, but it is forbidden in front of the house after sunset. Curious: and before sunset? .. 

However, in front of the house – that’s what! In Wyoming, for example, a ban has been imposed on having sex before entering the store (at any time of the day, presumably). In Nebraska, sexual intercourse is permitted only when dressed in a fresh nightgown, in Nevada – only using condoms.  

In Ames (Iowa), a husband during a lovemaking has the right to allow himself a sip of beer, but no more than three sips! But the worst thing is a Utah law prescribing that “it” is not permissible to commit with a man who is being transported … to intensive care.

But do not think that such pearls are characteristic only of the American “dumb laws” – stupid laws. The honor of Europe in this matter is successfully defended, for example, by German law. In this glorious country, there is a law according to which it is completely unacceptable to avoid the performance of conjugal duties on Wednesdays. Failure to comply with this piquant norm is considered as sufficient reason for divorce at the request of an unsatisfied partner. 

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Well, what can I say? – Perhaps it is better to do without comment. 

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