Master class for petting : to give pleasure to his beloved

I recently reviewed Marshall Herskovitz ‘s The Honest Courtesan and noted the unconventional approach to teaching the protagonist. I will not deny that she is introduced to the male anatomy, but the emphasis is on non-contact methods of arousal. Indeed, for many centuries, priestesses of love could bring a partner to exhaustion with one careless touch.

Similar techniques were practiced by renowned geisha in Japan and experienced getters in Ancient Greece. In Venetian treatises of the 16th century, the art of stimulating erogenous zones without nudity was called ” evocation .” The beauties were offered to perform special exercises for the fingers and to carry out cosmetic procedures aimed at softening the skin of the hands. Unfortunately, most of the manuals have been lost and only echoes of the mysterious science of courtesans have reached our contemporaries.

Petting , due to its imitative nature, is not taken seriously. Sexologists consider it part of foreplay or a forced alternative to sexual intercourse. Ordinary people are completely sure that getting an orgasm without introduction is nothing more than teenage pampering. I can assure you that masterful petting will help to improve your intimate life.  

Five votes for and one against

1. Safety

Petting completely eliminates the possibility of unplanned pregnancy, and also reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. The last statement requires a little explanation. If both partners have open wounds on their skin, then, in theory, HIV can be transmitted. Some petting techniques involve rubbing with the genitals, which allows access to gonorrhea and fungal microorganisms.

2. Innocence

Have you recently met and are a little insecure about your partner? Petting is a great alternative to one night stand. The girl in the morning will definitely not regret the decision, even if there is no continuation of the relationship.

3. Permissiveness

Sexual intercourse often involves privacy. It is not customary to engage in sex in public, but you can fondle your lover’s penis through the fabric of your trousers in public transport, cinema and other crowded places. This, undoubtedly, will add pungency to the ordinary way of life.

4. Creativity

Finding and stimulating erogenous zones is a real challenge for any person. You will be able to realize your wildest fantasies and study the body of a man dear to you inch by inch.

5. Health

There are times when coitus is contraindicated, for example, in diseases of the female reproductive system. Some guys disdain to copulate during their period. These are not excuses to give up intimacy. Mutual petting will allow you to get an orgasm, regardless of the above constraints.

6. Danger

Keep in mind that during caresses, it is extremely important to achieve relaxation. Prolonged excitement without orgasm leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which negatively affects their further work. In men, problems with potency begin, and in women, acute inflammatory reactions are observed.


At the first stage of petting , the erogenous zones located above the waist are stimulated. It is strictly forbidden to touch the genitals. The effect of caresses depends on mutual attraction, the more the partners are interested in sex, the more sensual the pleasure will be. Couples with a weak temperament, living for a long period in a stable marriage (without long separations and powerful emotional outbursts), I do not recommend limiting themselves to necking . Better to use it as a prelude to more decisive action.

Dear readers, focus on his neck, ears, nipples, navel. Spend the tips of the nails on the lower abdomen – this will give tremendous response. Your body is packed with stimulants. Let’s start with the lips and tongue, gently squeeze the earlobe with your teeth, suck it for a while. Then switch to the sink, rub your nose against it. Your agitated breathing will transfer an electrical charge to your partner. Move down the neckline, covering the entire surface with light, subtle kisses. Lick your collarbone and blow on the wet trail. The contrast of cold and hot body will certainly resonate in the groin area. Do not forget about the nipples, rub them with your fingers, biting the skin on the ribs in parallel. There is an interesting technique called butterfly wings. It consists in stimulating the erogenous zones with eyelashes. If you want a more intense and harsh effect, then you should not remove your makeup. Lightly scratch the nipples with mascara-covered eyelashes, I’m sure your beloved will remember the impressive sensations for a long time. Run the tip of the uvula into the navel and use circular motions to increase the area to be treated up to the entire surface of the abdomen. To increase sexual lust, you can pre-consume safe aphrodisiacs purchased in a sex shop, or drink a few glasses of wine. Public necking is popular among residents of European countries . In city parks, there are special places for couples who want to caress each other.  


Superficial petting

The main idea is to drive your partner to a frenzy without taking off his clothes. In this case, the fabric is designed to heighten perception during caresses, so you should take a responsible approach to the selection of wardrobe. Here are some tips:

  • silk and satin are indispensable for erotic stimulation in the tradition of the best romantic films;
  • wool is useful for increasing friction and rough petting ;
  • cotton and linen are the best solution for a hot summer day, when the body is covered with beads of sweat.

You can experiment with your tactile senses ahead of time. Clothing should not hinder movement and reduce the degree of ecstasy. Experienced lovers use translucent fabrics for a visual boost. As you know, eye contact is just as important as physical contact. The impressions of the contact of the genitals through moist matter are quite unusual .

The stimulation technique is extremely simple. Make massage circular movements with your hands, imitate sexual intercourse, press your buttocks against the pubis of your partner. Nothing limits you. A very intimate technique is to rub your cheek on your beloved’s underwear, touching his scrotum and erect penis.

Deep petting

At first glance, deep petting techniques differ little from standard foreplay or mutual masturbation, but variations of techniques can pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated lovers. I offer you several options that you can combine depending on your mood and personal preference.

1. Caress your breasts

If you are the owner of magnificent charms, then it is a sin not to use them. According to statistics, 63% of men dream of reaching orgasm due to chest stimulation. Turning the fantasies of a loved one into reality is not at all difficult.

You should not undress completely, keep the element of intrigue, leaving tiny panties and stockings on your body. You don’t need a bra, throw it down effectively on the floor, revealing charming mounds. The ideal solution is to start with light necking , and only then move directly to deep petting .

Sit the guy in a comfortable chair, spread his legs and sit between them. Tickle the head with your own nipples a little, then squeeze the penis between the breasts and reciprocate up and down. Periodically touch the head and frenum with your tongue. For better glide, use massage oil or warming lubricant . Control the force of pressure, as you approach orgasm, increase the intensity of stimulation.

2. Wiggle your hips

The technique is famous for the power of the climax and brings pleasure to both partners. The fact is that the penis rubs not only along the inner surface of the thigh, but also touches the partner’s crotch area. The most comfortable positions for a girl: the rider, on the contrary, if the mistress has strong arm muscles, and half-squatting with her back to her partner, if the lady has hardy legs.

As an illustrative example, consider the second option. While your boyfriend is sitting comfortably on the couch, you will put on your seamless panties and apply lubricant to your thighs. Take a stable position, bend your knees, pinch your penis with your legs and move by swinging back and forth. The closer the penis is to the perineum, the more pleasant it will be for you. To maintain balance, bend slightly towards the head.

3. Handmade

Partner masturbation is another type of petting technique . You can use habitual jerking, pulling or sliding movements, swinging the trunk in different directions, and pinpoint stimulation of the frenum and urethral outlet with your thumb. I recommend a number of non-standard techniques to satisfy your loved one.

Morning milking . Grab the penis at the base with the whole palm or with several fingers, then move exclusively in the direction of the head, constantly alternating hands. For example, start with the left, when you reach the tip, use the right. If you don’t understand a little, watch the training video for dairy farmers.

Braid . Sit behind your partner, hug him around the waist and interlace your arms so that the tips of your fingers are facing the lover’s crotch and your joints are outward. Grasp and squeeze the stem tightly with the resulting braid and move it up and down. The uneven surface increases the impact on the penis.

Wave. Take the penis in your hand at the base (thumb up, the rest down), swipe to the end, expand your fist 180 degrees (now the thumb down) and return to the base. Wave-like stimulation allows you to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Friction force. Grasp the machine firmly with one hand and rub the head and bridle thoroughly with the other. Place the barrel between two palms and begin to gently rotate the “stick” back and forth, as if you want to be like the ancient ancestors and start a fire. Warming up the rim of the head leads to strong and rapid ejaculation. Avocado. The scrotum is one of the most sensitive areas of the male body. It is quite possible to work with a member and at the same time massage, tickle, stretch and stroke the leather pouch. Remember, you need to act carefully, because any mistake – and your loved one will howl in pain. 


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