Men’s health: 6 reasons to refuse alcohol

Despite   what on   women, alcoholic beverages have a stronger effect; men are subject to their abuse in   more so. Russians are confident on   one of   leading lines of the ranking of the most drinking countries of the world every year, but   at   last time in   connection with   There is a positive trend towards legislative restrictions.   reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. we   no longer   first in   world but   by   reasons related to   drinking, in   Russia is still dying every second representative of the stronger sex.

AT   the peak of this is increasingly gaining popularity various movements for   sobriety, healthy lifestyle and   complete failure   bad habits. AND   on   that   there is every reason: rejection   booze prolongs life, improves it   quality, promotes health and   affects   psyche in   positive way, giving the opportunity to look into   future with   optimism. But   the most important thing: sobriety saves a man from all the problems caused by alcohol.

How alcohol affects   an organism?

Here are the main risk factors for a drinking person:

1. Alcohol is the main cause of heart attacks.  

Have   most men who abuse alcohol have symptoms of toxic damage to the heart muscle of varying degrees, ranging from   the most insignificant and   ending with severe forms turning into   heart failure. The first signs are shortness of breath, discomfort in   chest in   drinking time, sometimes pain, then from   ischemic heart disease may develop in this condition, the legs will swell. The result is logical   – sooner or later man overtakes   heart attack and   it can only be warned in one way.   – to get rid of   bad habits in advance.

2. Alcohol is harmful at elevated pressure.  

Hypertension in   Mature age has become almost the norm for modern men. This is facilitated by negatively affecting   men’s health stress, lack of physical activity, unhealthy junk food. AT   It is considered popularly that alcohol has a positive effect on   pressure, lowering it, and   useful for hypertensives but   Recent studies by Korean physicians have proven otherwise. 21 years they watched   six thousand patients and   found out: drinking in   week 60 grams of pure alcohol are at risk to die prematurely   four times more often non-drinkers, and   consume more than 120 grams weekly   – at   as many as twelve times. AND   this   – very small amounts of   Russian standards, so think worth it   so risk your own life   due to   momentary pleasure in   Friday evening?

3. Alcohol is one of   causes of problems with   potency.  

First in   during sexual intercourse, alcoholic beverages give a man a chance to relax and feel more comfortable, because ethyl alcohol   – It is a depressant, inhibiting the processes in   brain and   nervous system. AT   these moments he   able to extend the duration of the act of love, but   This is caused by the dulling of sensitivity, which gradually manifests itself more and more. What can be the result of abuse of drinks for   sometime   an ardent lover? With   by time   erection worsens, craving disappears and   wish by   after a certain period intimacy is no longer   causes former delight, and   about   orgasm man can forget. From   alcohol-induced problems with   potency can be eliminated in only one way.   – completely abandoning   alcohol.

4. Alcohol affects   male reproductive sphere.  

Problems with   potency   – not   the only consequence of alcohol abuse in   sexual sphere. Regular drinking increases the risk of developing prostatitis, and   its complications such as prostate vesiculitis. The result is natural: the ability decreases   sperm   to   fertilized as well   often a man and  does it become   is barren. The mechanism of alcohol exposure is   blood flow disturbances leading to   stagnation in   pelvic organs, reducing testosterone production and   increase the secretion of the female hormone   – estrogen.

5. Alcohol weakens the immune system.  

This is another factor affecting   development   many diseases. Thats   same   prostatitis   often occurs by   for this reason, because the prostate gland becomes especially vulnerable to   causative agents of infectious diseases with reduced immunity. Ethyl alcohol blocks in   hormone-like proteins and   special peptides that increase resistance to various bacteria and   viruses. And for the full restoration of the immune system you need not   less than a day regardless   alcohol dosages. An example of such an impact has recently been noted in   research   HIV infected   patients by american scientists. Alcohol turned out to increase HIV activity, and   the condition of the patients is worsening. Similar processes but   more subtle, occur and   at   the body of people not   infected   Hiv

6. Alcohol destroys the psyche.  

The main factor of this   – various lesions of the nervous system and   brain. The identity of the person abusing alcohol becomes more primitive, the processes of perceiving new information and   her   memorization. AT   severe cases, experts note alcoholic psychosis, hallucinations and   socially dangerous behavior. It is by   therefore, alcohol is the main cause   family quarrels, conflicts, divorces. Brain damage may not cause   only to   problems in   family but   even to   mental disability   will turn out   – nerve cells regenerate very slowly.

Decide for yourself whether to drink or not   drink, you can only. Alcoholism   – progressively progressive disease to which   poor and   rich and   lonely and   family. Its development can continue unnoticed for decades.   – first, a person drinks culturally   holidays, then starts doing it after work, and   ends hard binge.

Noticed an increase in the frequency of drinking   – think about it! If problems associated with   alcohol in   your life has already been, you know: most narcologists agree on   opinion that controlled drinking in   this case is impossible, therefore it is better to refuse   liquor times and   forever and ever. Replace gatherings with   friends in   bar visiting the gym, walking to   fresh air, interesting hobbies, and   your life will be long, healthy and   happy.

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