Mistress: who are they?

Mistress probably exists from the very time when matriarchy arose. At the beginning of the last century, professional mistress was portrayed in his novel Black Obelisk by Erich Maria Remarque.

Today’s representatives of this not very common specialty do not at all resemble the Iron Horse (Malvina) described by the great novelist with her high laced boots, a lion tamer costume and a gray tan hat. Today’s people are actively using the Internet, where they post incendiary texts about themselves, and with the help of digital video and cameras they shoot clips and slides with scenes of their sessions. And there on the Internet they sell them for a lot of money. However, clips, slides are also in the public domain: you need something to attract customers to your salon.   

Attributes and props of modern mistress (mistress) are sold in any sex shop. These are handcuffs, chains, whips, artificial rods, whips and whips of all styles, erotic furniture, various types of leather and rubber (latex) clothes, erotic jewelry – you will not list all. If we talk about prices for such a product, then they are very high: for example, the Silver Dream lash costs 3964 rubles in one of Moscow sex shops, which at today’s rate is almost 150 US dollars. 

On the Internet you can find a dictionary of modern mistress. Something like a classic Hornby dictionary, but only for SM sessions. Many foreign mistresses have their own personal websites. They can read a biography, see photos (usually some of them are in the public domain), find out the prices for services and even subscribe to the mailing list of exclusive materials of the lady who liked. And then links to new slides, trailers to video clips, texts with session descriptions will regularly come to your inbox. The most advanced mistresses can offer you to chat on-line, and then meet. However, it’s still better to be in the same city with an attractive lady, or at least in the same country.  

I must say that the services of mistress are quite exclusive and not cheap all over the world. For Moscow, role plays – what modern mistresses offer – are still exotic goods. And our prices are much lower than, for example, in Florida. If a two-hour session there costs $ 200, then we can manage with fifty. True, this is an hour, but one hour is usually enough. Few people need many hours of erotic flogging.  

In reputable salons where “erotic massage without intimacy” is offered, thorough psychological testing is practiced, which the visitor does not even notice. Mistress talks sweetly with him over a cup of coffee, and the guest imperceptibly matures for a difficult session in which bodily suffering will be rewarded with erotic pleasure. Ultimately, he will receive light comfort, will leave the cabin updated. It’s almost like after a hard confession with a priest … Girls with good education work in such salons – acting, journalism, medicine, or who have received the specialty of a psychologist. 

The magic of pain and pleasure is known throughout the world. So in southeast Asia in the neighborhoods of love you can find a getter that promises to heal impotence, lack of erection or premature ejaculation with the help of scourging, special bites and scratching. Yes, and a birch broom in a Russian bath, correctly used, can return the joy of sex.

However, fans of role plays only think that their passion is shared by the whole world. Sexologists say: only 30% of people are sympathetic to light erotic slaps on the buttocks. Only 7% of men and women are ready to go for more substantial entertainments with lashes, whips and collars.

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