Mummification using cling film

Depriving a person of mobility is a fascinating sexual practice. It can be embodied in a safe way using cling film. In this case, it is also recommended to use candles and ice to excite the person being bound. The process of creating a mummy is exciting for both participants, and such an experience will definitely remain in the memory for a long time.

The essence of practice

Bondage is a popular fantasy. It can be realized partially with the help of handcuffs, chaining to a bed, etc. But you can completely fix the body, make it motionless . Full wrapping makes it impossible to move perfectly. This action is called mummification. The liaison must fully trust the Upper, as he really becomes helpless for a while. And it is important to remember the stop words so that you can stop the game if there is any discomfort. Just binding may not be enough. It should be supplemented with a game with temperature and exciting objects. This will excite a person, complement the binding also with sexual actions. 

What is needed for mummification?

The only thing needed is cling film. It will take a lot, so it is better to buy a large roll. The film thickness does not matter much if the goal of the bottom is not an attempt to break out. If he tries, it is better to take a thicker film and use it in several layers. To keep the game fun, add ice cubes and a vibrator. You can use any sex toy with several modes. She will be able to tease a partner, gradually enhancing the rhythm of movements.  

How to implement binding?

Mummification is performed in different positions. It is most convenient to start standing. But then the person will need to be laid. It is ideal to start at the bed so that he can then lie down neatly on it.

Winding begins with the torso , and not with the legs. If you start with the calves, the person will lose stability, and this is dangerous. You should not start from the neck, so as not to drag this area, it is better to skip it altogether.

The hands of the person being tied should be along the body. The film is wrapped around the body, chaining them, making it impossible to move.

When the torso is wrapped, the arms are fixed, it is worth wrapping the hips. And in the genital area under the film it is allowed to place ice cubes.
When the film covers everything up to mid-thigh, it is important to put the person to bed. The legs are wrapped while lying down.

Whether to wrap the feet – everyone decides for himself. If you leave them free, you can rinse them with a vibrator. For those who are ticklish, it will be torture, for others, a very exciting practice. What to do next? Start with a vibrator to touch the skin through the film. Increasing speed gradually. You can make holes in the genital area so that the toy touches the body directly. And when the excitement is maximum, the film can be ripped off and given to rough sex. 


Safety rules for mummification

In order for the process to pass without negative consequences, you need to remember a few rules:

  • You cannot wrap your face. The person may suffocate. You can put on a mask over your eyes to temporarily deprive a person of sight. But film is prohibited in this area. 
  • Be careful with the neck. The film crashes into the body, can compress the skin quite strongly. Therefore, it is not applied to the neck to avoid choking. When a tied person tries to get out, the film can constrict the throat, this is life-threatening. 
  • You can’t leave a person alone. A connected person cannot help himself if something suddenly happens. Therefore, it cannot be left alone. It is important to monitor her condition. It is necessary to control his breathing so that he does not choke or choke on saliva. It is important to monitor your health. 
  • The tighter the winding, the less time the game lasts. If the film is very tight, it is not recommended to keep it for more than an hour. Since it disrupts blood circulation, it is important to free the vessels from unnecessary stress. 
  • The stop word is a signal for the speedy release of a person. No need to ask again, you need to immediately remove the tape. 
  • The knife is at hand. To quickly release a person, keep a sharp object close at hand. They will be able to cut the film in a few seconds. If the tool is not nearby, the process will take much longer. 

Mummification is a simple but very exciting practice. Any pair can use it, but it is important not to forget about safety precautions. The process can be very exciting, but do not delay it. A game of 30-90 minutes is sufficient.

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