Opinions of men about vibrators for women

How does a man feel about a sex toy in the bedroom? Does he like it or not? There are many opinions, they are very different. And it will be useful to meet them for those who only dream of buying their first vibrator.

All reviews can be conventionally divided into 3 categories:

  • Positive attitude. The man buys sex products himself, he is glad to use them. Perceives it as an opportunity to try something new. 
  • Negative. Does not accept devices in bed, often jealous. I’m not ready to try such experiments. 
  • Neutral reaction. Either he has no experience and did not even think about it, or does not enjoy the operation, but does not refuse if the lady asks. 

It is important to understand his attitude so that the purchase offer does not become a reason for a quarrel. But polls show that many men are willing to try something from the adult store.

Opinions of specific men about sex toys

Alexander (32 years old). In a relationship for 6 years

It so happened that the girl, when we started dating, already had toys. She didn’t show them to me right away, but she showed them. I first saw sex massager and wave stimulator. When she offered to try it, I was alerted. Not because he was jealous, he just did not understand what to do with it.

But she herself took the massager in her hands during the blowjob and applied it to my body. It was a strange feeling, at first I wanted it to be removed. And then I liked it.

Now we use toys, the collection has been supplemented with new things. I do not mind trying something new, but I understand that I do not like everything.

Timur, 40 years old. Not married

I want a woman to have fun with me. Is always! And this happens with a vibrator. He guarantees that she will definitely like it. I found out about this when I was 25 years old, when I saw several devices at my experienced friend. She then showed how to caress the clitoris, how to simulate double penetration, how to give a woman several orgasms at once by moving the phallus correctly. I have been using it ever since.

But I just think that every woman needs to give her own vibrator. When a friend appears, I persuade her to visit a sex shop. The process is fascinating when she has never tried such a thing. As if depriving some innocence.

Semyon, 26 years old. Married for 2 years

Why is this needed? I don’t understand at all why to drag some things into bed? Do you really miss each other? What can artificial “pussy” give? When there is a live one, there is no need to look for something else.

Yuri, 24 years old. In a relationship for 3 years

As a girl, we went to a sex shop as a joke. They just wanted to laugh. But it turned out that we bought a vibro-bullet, the seller persuaded us. It seems not expensive – only fifteen hundred. And it turned out to be a gorgeous thing. Replaces massage, suitable for teasing her. Now this is our signal, if someone took out a bullet, then it’s time to take time for each other.

I was surprised that vibration is nice. I love the way she cums even more when I touch her clit with the toy. Record purchase. We will buy something else if we suddenly get tired of the bullet.

Maxim, 34 years old. Divorced, dating different women

I have an eye mask, handcuffs and a gag at home. There is no vibrator, but I would be interested. Of course, I do not show my set to all girls, but if there is interest, why not? Can anything compare to a helpless woman who is afraid and wants at the same time?

Am I jealous of a vibrator? I’m not jealous at all. Maybe in a relationship I would be worried if she buys a rubber friend, but as long as I’m free, I don’t attach importance to how others are having fun.

Alexey, 29 years old. Married 6 years

I often go on business trips, I am not at home for 1-2 months. And he never cheated on his wife. And to brighten up the travel time, buy a masturbator. It turned out that the thing is cool. He did not tell his wife, he was afraid that he would condemn. But then I thought, and bought her a butterfly so that she would not be bored either. Now we often have phone sex, she tells how she has fun with a toy.

When I am in the city, we don’t use toys, we are good together without them. But if separation is inevitable, then a better toy than other people.

Conclusions on men’s opinions about vibrators

It turned out that many men have already tried something from a sex shop or are not against experimenting. There were not many deniers of sex products. And if you buy a toy for a couple, there is a great chance that he will support and even help you choose.

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