Pompur – How To Achieve An Unusual Orgasm By Freezing In Place

Sex is a whole art, in which there are all kinds of directions and styles. Most of us pay attention only to positions, not really studying a variety of movements. But in vain! Today we will talk about a rather rare pompur technique , for which the priestesses of love were once famous. With its help, you can experience unusual sensations, bringing yourself (and your partner) to a delightful orgasm.

What is a pump ?

The pompur technique has a poetic name – playing the flute. Have you already guessed what kind of “flute” we are talking about? Of course, about the male member. Pompur much like vumbildingom , to be exact – imbilding . However, previous methods of contracting muscles during sex do not restrict partners’ movements. With pomp , both the woman and the man are motionless. All movements are made only by the lady and only with the help of the vaginal muscles. In ancient times, there was even a kind of aptitude test for girls who were being selected for the harem. The man lay on the couch, and the mistress sat on top, holding a lit candle in each hand. She had to bring her partner to orgasm so that the candles did not go out and not a single drop of wax fell. This is extremely difficult to achieve, and I don’t recommend training with candles. Whatever you do, always think about safety. When you start practicing with a man, do not squeeze the penis immediately with all your strength. If you have strong muscles, the man may be in pain. Start with gentle and delicate movements and watch your partner’s reactions.

We train to contract muscles

How exactly do you squeeze your muscles? The first workouts are best done in the restroom. In a small way, stop abruptly and contract your muscles to stop urinating. When you understand which muscles were contracting, you can train at any time. By the way, this is very useful for the genitourinary system and, according to doctors, simplifies the subsequent childbirth if the lady is planning to have a baby. You can also feel this compression during a vaginal orgasm.

Poses for pompur

In the classic version of the pompur , the position of “woman on top” is involved , but you have the right to make your own adjustments, because we do not qualify for the harem, but we want to experience the sweetest pleasure. So, for example, my favorite is the doggy style pompur. Sitting on top is quite difficult to squeeze the penis strongly and in a variety of ways, but in a kneeling position it is much easier to do this. Another good option for a pair is the Lotus position. But the poses “man on top” are really extremely uncomfortable with pomp for both the girl and the partner (after all, a man also needs to freeze in one position and not move). However, the choice of position also depends on the size of the penis. If it is small, then it is better to choose dominant positions in the spirit of “Rider”.    

Types of muscle contraction

Unlike Kegel exercises (aimed at squeezing), the pompur variations are much richer. This technique involves several types of effects on the penis: squeezing, pulling in, thrusting, stroking, and even throbbing! All of these actions are carried out due to differences in intensity and breaks between squeezes. Here are examples of exercises to practice.

1) Compression. Lie on your back. Squeeze your inner muscles as hard as possible and relax. 2) Retraction. Imagine that you are trying to draw air in your vagina. Contract your muscles upward. You will also feel tension in the anus. Relax and take a breath. 3) Jerks. Squeeze the muscles very, hard, and now relax them and imagine that you are pushing the penis. Some are helped when they imagine childbirth. You may feel the lubrication emerge, like during sex. Take a break. 4) Stroking. Squeeze the muscles lightly in an upward motion and slowly release them. Repeat the movement and take a break. During sex, a man will feel as if his penis inside the vagina is being gently stroked. 5) Ripple. Squeeze your muscles several times, lightly and quickly – at short intervals. Take a break and repeat the exercise, tightening the compression and slowing down the intervals. Alternate techniques, and then your partner will be even more delighted. You will be able to massage his penis, which will create pleasant feelings inside your body. 





Stop, moment …

Men react differently to pompur . As a rule, they first try to seize the initiative, and then relax and groan blissfully. And it happens that they are frightened of new sensations. Yes, yes, I had this once. The guy suddenly jumped aside, covered up his dignity (like a football in the “wall” before a dangerous blow) and yelled: “A-A-A! What is it? What have you done?! What’s inside you? It shouldn’t be that way, you have something broken there! ” Fortunately, this happened only once, all my other guys were absolutely delighted. How will you feel? Full power over a man and sweet languor. A nice bonus: once you master the technique, you can reach orgasm without a partner and without masturbation. Pompur gives rise to exactly those feelings about which they say: “Stop a moment. You are great! ” Probably, life is not enough to comprehend all sexual techniques, but it is still worth trying to embrace the immensity. 🙂 May intimacy always bring you joy, and most importantly, may there be someone with whom you want to experiment. Love each other and be happy! 

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