Pros and cons of your frivolity, which is really annoying to all

Despite all the assurances of psychologists that life should be treated easily and in any situations (even the most difficult) to look for only positive moments, many individuals perceive this literally and in the literal sense of the word begin to behave like small children. Some ladies believe that it looks very sexy, but most people still tend to think that excessive optimism (or even lightheadedness) is very annoying.

Imagine a situation that a person appeared in your environment, who used to go through life easily, considers her suddenness to be dignity, and lightheadedness is a highlight that attracts men. And, perhaps, the representatives of the stronger sex will really like this behavior of a lady, who is not burdened with any problems and is fixated only on receiving momentary pleasures. Only then, both men and women who are forced to face daily with the similar behavior of someone in their environment, emotion will pass and only disappointment and irritation will remain. Or is it still not so bad? We understand the main pros and cons.


No broken heart and unrequited love

You easily treat everything, including relationships, considering that the lack of affection (emotional dependence) only plays into your hands. On the one hand, this is true, because you don’t fall in love so hard that, in case everything goes the way you planned, don’t suffer from the fact that nothing happened to this particular person. But on the other – you deprive yourself of those feelings that people experience when they love and are loved.

The ability to find happiness in the details

You are used to living here and now, so you can easily see some moments that are not noticed by those who “live for the future.” You do not understand the arguments of those who are accustomed to infringe themselves now, so that in the future they will have much more opportunities, because, on the contrary, you are sure that you need to take everything from life today and not postpone something for tomorrow. Until a certain time, such a position bears fruit, until you have children, obligations and responsibilities. Then you have to think not only about yourself and read everything two steps ahead.

Preservation of psycho-emotional health

While your friends or relatives are running around psychologists and trying to improve their psycho-emotional state, you enjoy life and try to avoid conflict situations that provoke stress. Therefore, you look much more invigorated, younger and healthier than your peers suffering from incessant problems, chronic fatigue and depression.

Burnout Protection

Unlike your serious colleagues, who after some time begin to experience apathy, depression and other signs of professional burnout, this fate will safely end you. And all because you are easy about your professional activities, avoid stress and overwork and do not go over your heads to achieve a higher position in the company.

Independence from finances and opinions

If you are easy enough about life, then you absolutely do not care how much money you earn and even more so – how much and where you spend it. Even if people around you look at you condemningly, you will still spend the last funds on what you see fit. Leave on tomorrow and take care of the “financial safety cushion”? No, this is definitely not about you. You know how to arrange a real holiday and please your loved ones (of course, if you have enough money for it).


Regret of missed opportunities

Perhaps if you were less in the clouds and would often pay attention to what is happening around you, then you would not miss the opportunity and would have much more than you have at the moment: a brilliant career or a stable job, strong relationships or full family. And if now you just have to be content with momentary desires, then in old age you may regret having taken advantage of the moment that Destiny once gave you.

Lack of plans and prospects

To live without certain goals, plans and responsibility – it is possible only when you have a reliable person around you who can solve all the problems for you and ensure you a comfortable existence. But when there is no strong shoulder, you have to cope with all the difficulties and peripeteias of fate. There is no need for lightheadedness, you know.

No stability and trust

It is very easy with frivolous people at the very beginning of a relationship, when partners only get to know and get used to each other. But then this approach begins to bother, because the reluctance to take responsibility and the inability to properly prioritize (as well as determine what kind of joint future you want to come to in the end) do not give you a sense of stability and security. And if there are children? Will you also live one day without worrying about their well-being and health?

Non-compliance with deadlines and arrangements

Permanent disruption of deadlines and agreements will lead to the fact that the management will cease to entrust you with any important projects, because you will still overwhelm everything. The maximum that you can be trusted with is some small work that you definitely will not screw up. And even they can politely point out the door in order to make room for someone who is more serious about fulfilling their duties. If you do not want to be out of work, try to do exactly what you are asked to do on time. And if you know in advance that you do not have time, then agree on the transfer date. But, we repeat, this should be done in advance, and not at the very last moment.

Non punctuality and disrespect of another’s space

You’ve got used to the fact that everything in this world is spinning around you, so you don’t need to schedule an appointment and be late for an unforgivably long time, or not at all, not caring that a person sacrificed his time for you. In addition, you should not start up in discussions about the personal life of someone you know, knowingly knowing that you are revealing certain information about which, perhaps, a person would not like to spread. Such an approach, alas, will not add to your popularity, and your friends will slowly begin to move away from you.

Reckless acts

A light attitude to life is, of course, not so bad, but just to the point where recklessness doesn’t become your calling card. For example, you are accustomed to live here and now, do not listen to your body and consider trips to the hospital as a waste of time. And you are very surprised to find yourself once having a poorly diagnosed medical institution or confronted with a serious problem. Therefore, even though you go through life easily, try to treat yourself (your health) as well as the problems of your loved ones to be a little more attentive. After all, as you know, it is better to prevent serious consequences than to spend your nerves, strength and money on their decision. And, believe me, this approach will save you from many ill-considered decisions that you may later regret.

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