Seven outlandish sex devices

As I sit, I am looking at catalogs of sofas for the library on the Internet. I don’t have a library (books just soar everywhere), but I love to dream of what it would be. And I wanted to choose some unusual sofa for the library of my dreams. I came across a photo with a girl reading a book on a luxurious ottoman … or a sofa … In general, on such a stylish couch of a sophisticated wine color. Began to read the description and what do you think? It was a sex couch! And I thought that I already knew everything about sex …

Shocked by my backwardness from life, I rushed to study newfangled devices for intimate pleasures. Now I get all the friends I know by sharing invaluable knowledge. Are you ready for a sexual educational program?

1. Love lounger

Here, by the way, is the very “ottoman of my dreams”, called a sex chaise longue. It is designed to give the body a comfortable position during all kinds of acrobatic studies. The kit includes several pillows to protect your back, knees and neck.

2. Sex ramp

It turns out that there are special ramps for sex (with and without pillows). At first, this little thing seemed to me sheer nonsense, but back pain quickly reminded me of how uncomfortable it is to make love anyhow. This invention was created for the most comfortable sex. These ramps are made of special materials: they don’t fall under your body like an old mattress, they become a stable support and help you experiment.
Separately, you can purchase only a cushion from the ramp (it is much cheaper). By the way, this pillow will allow you to bring many new positions to your personal life !  

3. Spring chaise longue

It would seem like an ordinary sun lounger for relaxing on the beach. A bit of a non-standard shape, but nothing more. But no! Before us is another type of intimate furniture. Thanks to its design, the chaise longue is springy, allowing the couple in love to set the necessary rhythm. The rocking motion of the couch relieves the effort required to move forward during sex. True, with poses on it you will not particularly roam. This option is best suited for oral sex and the Riding Girl variations.

4. Scorpio sex chair

The intricate plumbing of steel and leather resembles a cross between an arthropod and a gynecological chair. I suspect that this chair will now be in my nightmares, it looks very frightening. = – (This fetish furniture was created specifically for BDSM lovers. There are many rings attached to the frame for tying.

5. Erotic chair with “horns”

The lacquered model, made in black and burgundy colors, looks stylish. It is convenient for the partner to hold on to the “horns” with her hands, resting her feet on special stirrups. However, this chair is designed primarily for the Riding Woman sitting position. Agree, it is somehow not practical to buy furniture of such limited functionality.

6. Vibrating chair

The cheerful color chair is designed to stimulate the clitoris. Vibrations are activated using the remote control, which already has two modes: ON and OFF. Such a stool will cost only about 300 bucks. “Pf. A penny! ”, – I would say, if not for natural greed and practicality. No, well, the right word, a man is much cheaper and he has much more functions. = -)

7. Chair-vibrator

In appearance, this model of furniture looks just the same in the “luxury” style. Until the girl gets up … and then it turns out that in the center of the chair there is a dildo that looks like some kind of crystal stalagmite with backlight. The thing works thanks to an application that you can run from your phone or tablet.
Summing up, I will say: a ramp with sex pillows is a useful thing. Especially with a problem back. If the toad stops choking me, I’ll still buy that marvelous burgundy ottoman. She is very beautiful. I’ll put it in the library (or in the bedroom) and read the Kama Sutra with the guy, practicing hiccupping positions right there – without getting up. As for the rest of the fun stuff, it’s better to wait until their functionality justifies the cost. Would you like such furniture? Honestly! 😉 

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