Sex rules with ex

A person is so constructed that he returns with memories to everything that made him happy. Even if your past relationship did not end with Mendelssohn’s March, the best moments remain in your memory, including intimacy with your ex. This makes us furrow the pages of social networks , take an interest in his life, or look for a “chance” meeting. Sooner or later, there comes a point when we are tempted to repeat sexual adventures with someone with whom we have already had similar experiences. But sex with an ex isn’t always a good idea, and here’s why.

1. It was, but passed

Now you only remember the good moments from your past, but if everything was so perfect, would you split up? Surely, now you or he has another partner, and your casual relationship does not promise anything good for them.

2. Twice in one river

Having sex with an ex can take an emotional blow to lingering wounds. Are you sure that you can not take to heart the forgotten closeness and wave of memories associated with this person? Are you ready to suffer and suffer again?

3. The burden of the past

Why is it easier for us to go back to having sex with an ex than trying to build a new relationship? The answer is obvious – we are afraid to let a new person into our lives and fear new failures. The former partner is already familiar, and we are ready for all its positive and negative sides. It’s easier for us to experience loneliness when sharing a bed with an ex than to dare to conquer new horizons.
If, nevertheless, you decide to plunge headlong into the past again, adhere to simple rules so as not to complicate life for yourself and him.

Rule # 1

Try to sleep separately – everyone is at home. Do not leave him with you or do not stay until the morning with your ex. A joint dream is already something more, involving an emotional connection and, as a consequence, unnecessary experiences.

Rule # 2

Protect yourself! You don’t think that your ex-partner led a reclusive lifestyle without you and did not sleep with anyone? Surely, he had other women, and it is not a fact that he used condoms with them. To avoid unpleasant illnesses , take care of contraception.

Rule No. 3

Make sure that you perceive the situation in the same way, so that later you do not get into an awkward position when you were counting on one-time sex, and your partner regarded it as a green light to continue the relationship.
Of course, psychologists say that having sex with an ex is an undesirable practice, but nevertheless, each situation is purely individual. The main thing is that you yourself are aware of all the pros and cons of such a connection and observe the safety rules.

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