Sexual Experiment – Anal only

Anal only happened in my life unexpectedly. We did not plan such an experiment, but medical recommendations could not be violated. And a month-long experiment greatly changed my feelings. Now I love anal much more, orgasms from it are much more powerful than from other sex.

How I decided to experiment

After the trip, I returned with unpleasant symptoms, I had to go to the gynecologist. The doctor revealed dysbiosis, prescribed a lot of drugs and recommended abandoning vaginal sex during treatment. For a whole month.

For some couples, life without sex for 4 weeks is not difficult, but not in our family. We are used to the fact that intimacy happens almost every day, and was completely unprepared for such a turn of events.

Before that, anal sex was in our couple. But I did not get much pleasure, it was a “pleasant treat” for him, which I sometimes allowed. But this happened once every few months.

Anal only – what is it?

How was our Anal only? We also had oral sex, we did not refuse this to ourselves. There was manual stimulation for me and for him. And, of course, there were sex toys. But if we talk about penetration, then there was only anal.

It all started with blowjob and cunnilingus. And the first few days it was enough. But on the fifth day it became clear that it was somehow small. It seems that there is a feeling of satisfaction, but it is not complete. As if something is missing. But the prohibitions cannot be violated, so we had no alternatives.


Our pair has a lot of lubricants for different occasions. But this time we decided that we need to take something special. Immediately ordered three lubricants at We decided that we need to find something that really helps to make all this more enjoyable for me.

  • ACC. It is a grease with a bright menthol odor. White, similar to cream. The texture is pleasant, does not flow. With anesthesia. 
  • Shunga Toko with strawberry and champagne flavor. This is massage oil, but it is universal. I wanted to alternate different sex without running into the bathroom. 
  • JO H2O Anal. Thick gel from an American manufacturer. Odorless and tasteless and specially for the anus. 

We chose compounds that can also be used with toys, so that it is more interesting. Lubricants decided to try alternately.

First week of the experiment

Surprisingly, ACC lubricant was most liked. I did not know how pain relief works before. Sensations are not lost, there is simply no pain. Discomfort at the first shocks disappears. And this is awesome!

Shunga was too liquid, yet it was for massage, and not for anal. It smells great, but left for other purposes. Yes, and it is too fluid, inconvenient to apply.

JO liked it. He didn’t give a special effect, but he didn’t evaporate, it was easily applied and wasted very economically.

How did everything go? When the pain was gone, and it was with ACC, and not with every sex, it became much more interesting to me. At the same time, we began to pick up different poses, put pillows under the body to make it more comfortable. I did not have orgasms from this, but my husband could then give me pleasure with his lips. He himself ended up in my ass with great pleasure.

Month Anal only

And then I decided to connect the toys. I touched the vibrator of the clitoris as it penetrated my ass. And it turned out to be magical. Suddenly, I began to experience orgasms. And they became simultaneous.

The first orgasms were clitoral. But in the process, all muscles are compressed, including the anus. And these are spasms that are so strong that my husband finished almost instantly from them. And it was magical!

I suddenly found a way to get maximum pleasure for both. And it turned out to be used constantly. My husband even asked me not to rush, to turn on the vibration not immediately, so that the end would not come so quickly.

In general, a month later I did not miss vaginal sex. Orgasms from anal became more pronounced. Suddenly, the sensations intensified, the orgasms became not clitoral completely, but mixed, and this made me very happy.


Anal month gave us a way to get a simultaneous orgasm. And it’s gorgeous. Now practicing it often. And although vaginal sex is now available, it has become less.

What conclusions have I made? If there is discomfort, then you need another lubricant. And “your” sometimes you need to look.

And you need to try a new one. And add toys and try poses. And one and also practice can turn out to be both terrible and beautiful. You just need to learn how to have fun, and it takes time.

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