Something about sexual techniques for women

History knows many legends about women who are able to bring a man to the highest point of pleasure without making any visible effort. A natural question arises: “How?” There is nothing mysterious and supernatural in this. They just have perfect control over their body and vaginal muscles. If you want to become the most desirable woman, you should pay attention and master the following sexual techniques.


This technique is especially popular among the representatives of the Arab nationalities. The Eastern priestesses of love diligently master this science and learn to control their bodies. By strengthening the muscles of the vagina, they master the art of contracting them during intimacy, which allows men to experience maximum pleasure. Our ancestors laid out a lot of money for concubines who could give them unearthly pleasure with just a few movements of elastic internal muscles. Today this knowledge can be considered lost. If someone possesses such a technique, then it is transmitted only from generation to generation, along the female ancestral branch.


The ancestors of this technique are the Hindus. Women who use the pompoir contract and loosen the vaginal muscles in such a way that the partner has a sensation comparable to oral sex. In this case, both participants are absolutely immobile, and the stimulation of the male genital organ is carried out using the rhythmic pulsation of the muscles of the vagina. As practice shows, this technique is most effective in the riding position. Over time, the pompoir began to interest representatives of other nationalities. These days, this technique is used during wumbling classes .

Kegel exercises

Initially, this set of exercises was developed by the famous gynecologist Arnold Kegel in the middle of the twentieth century for the treatment of enuresis. After the observations and examinations carried out, experts found that, in addition to a positive effect on the bladder, they stimulate and strengthen the circular muscles of the vagina and contribute to a more sparkling and powerful orgasm. This is due to the normalization of blood flow in the hip girdle. The effectiveness of these exercises has been scientifically proven. It is also important that they do not disrupt the usual course of a woman’s everyday life, and those around her will not even guess that right now she is training intimate muscles. The result of these exercises becomes noticeable after 4-5 weeks of hard training.
Do not forget that training intimate muscles and pelvic floor muscles will not only allow you to increase libido and learn to give unearthly pleasure to your chosen one, but will also have a beneficial effect on your health in the female part. A healthy woman is always beautiful and self-confident.

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