The benefits of sex for the body

I want to have a serious talk with you. I have no time for jokes and jokes . Why, despite the obvious benefits of sex, do so many couples still fulfill their marital duty once a month ?!

Forget about anti-wrinkle creams. Numerous studies have shown that having a regular sex life will make you look younger. Do you have problems with potency or low libido? Diligent practice will make you a lust satisfying machine. And these are not empty promises. I will give you 21 reasons to have sex immediately.

Remark. The term “regular sex life” means 2-3 intercourse per week with a regular partner. 

1. Rejuvenating effect

In June 2013, David Weeks , Doctor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, was the first to speak at the All England Conference on Psychology . His research showed that sexually active men and women look 7 years younger than their actual age. However, the scientist emphasized that quality over quantity. 10 years of experiments give the right to assert that a riotous life (more than 6 contacts per week), on the contrary, leads to a quick deterioration of the body. Lack of orgasm also has a negative impact on health.

2. Improves spermatogenesis

The benefits of sex for men include changing sperm characteristics and continuous semen renewal. The highest sperm activity is observed within two days after ejaculation, then the mobility is steadily reduced. On the 10th day of abstinence, the seed practically does not germinate.

If you want to have a healthy baby, doctors recommend keeping sperm at peak levels. Have sex at least 2 times a week. Stop adjusting to your ovulation days. Plus, frequent intercourse will balance the woman’s hormones and increase the chances of conception.

3. Fights viruses

Being actively involved in sex raises levels of antibodies in the blood called “Immunoglobulin A”. This protein is responsible for fighting viral organisms. If you get satisfaction at an optimal frequency, then you have 30% higher antibody concentrations than abstaining Puritans.

4. Destroys bad cholesterol

As you know, there are two types of cholesterol. I don’t want to go into highly specialized terms, so I’ll call them “harmful” and “useful”. The first leads to blockage of blood vessels, provokes strokes and thrombosis. The second serves to build cell membranes.

The natural steroid DHEA is involved in the breakdown of bad cholesterol. After orgasm, the level of this substance exceeds the normal level by 5 times! Those who like to dine in fast food are obliged to take this fact into account.

5. Extends life

Researchers in Australia, after a series of long-term experiments, have concluded that people who orgasm 3-4 times a week are less likely to die from health problems. Subjects who had sex once a month died from disease 50% more often.

6. A pleasant substitute for sports

Half an hour of active erotic caresses burns up to 100 kcal, which is the equivalent of a small glass of wine. If you have 2 moderately passionate intercourse in 7 days, then in a year you will use up 5000 kcal. Sex also strengthens muscles, makes the body flexible and pliable.

7. Relieves menstrual cramps

The undoubted benefits of sex for women are associated with menstruation. Many ladies suffer from painful cramps. In the early days of the cycle, it is impossible to get out of bed. Doctors recommend not to neglect sexual intercourse during menstruation. During arousal, the vessels dilate, the muscles relax and the discomfort goes away.

8. Reduces the risk of developing urinary incontinence

Good sex is a great workout for female organs. The pelvic floor muscles, which contract at the time of orgasm, also control the process of urination. Pregnancy and menopause weaken tissues. Stretching can result in stress incontinence. If you don’t want to pee in public, then make love more often.

9. Prevents Heart Disease

Many doctors agree that regular sex prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease . Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have found a relationship between orgasm and death from heart attack or stroke. The more often the subjects peaked, the better their motors were.

Israeli scientists have calculated that women who have an orgasm 2-3 times a week are 30% less likely to be diagnosed with heart disease than those who deny themselves pleasure. A similar trend was observed with their partners.

10. Increases attractiveness

High sexual activity stimulates the production of pheromones, chemicals that affect the degree of attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. That is why the more erotic you and your partner have, the more he will want.

11. Smooths out wrinkles

During intercourse, estrogen (a female hormone) enters the bloodstream in large quantities. It plumps the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles. Especially useful is the release of estrogen during menopause. The covers of elderly women, due to the extinction of the ovaries, become too dry. This leads to senile sagging. Americans have found that sexually active women later experience menopause.

12. Renews the skin

Representatives of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital are not appeased. This time, they compared the skin condition of couples who have regular sex life and those who abstain from contact. Scientists draw parallels between sex and aerobic exercise.

Vigorous coitus forms an air cushion around the naked body of the lovers. The flow of blood to the tissues increases, and therefore more oxygen is absorbed through the skin. Nutrients that have reached the dermis are broken down faster, and decay products are excreted in full. As a result, the skin looks more beautiful and cleaner.

13. Increases self-esteem

The health benefits of sex are associated not only with physical but also with psychological indicators. A poll conducted at the University of Texas found that participants who boast frequent contact feel more confident. They express less dissatisfaction with their own appearance.

14. Reduces pressure

Scottish sexologists claim:

“Men and women with intense intimate lives have blood pressure within normal limits. In the group of abstainers, this indicator exceeds the threshold established by doctors, which indicates a tendency to hypertension “

The Scottish colleagues were supported by scientists from Brigham Young University in the USA. They also made a connection between lack of sex and high blood pressure.

15. Relieves depression

Like any type of physical activity, sex raises your heart rate and causes the brain to release a supernatural hormonal cocktail. I especially want to highlight serotonin. It is a natural antidepressant. With him, people feel happy, enjoy life more fully.

Psychologist Gordon Gallup observed 300 women. Those who complained of sexual dissatisfaction were more likely to experience feelings of depression, bordering on depressive disorder.

16. Eliminates headache

Migraine is a perennial reason to deny a spouse intimacy. But scientists do not agree with the ladies who prefer headache agony to having fun with a partner in bed. When asked what is the use of sex, the researchers unanimously say that it raises the pain threshold. Respect should be given to the oxytocin released during orgasm. It is thanks to this hormone that women in labor do not die of shock.

17. Helps fight hardships

An interesting article was published in the journal ” Psychology “. It reports on research on coping with stressful situations.

The subjects were given a condition – to prepare a report and speak to an unfamiliar audience. Some of the test subjects had sex at least 24 hours before the “conference”, while the rest abstained. The level of the stress hormone in the former was an order of magnitude lower than in the latter, and they coped with the task better.

18. Relieves insomnia

We’ve already talked about the amazing properties of oxytocin. In addition to getting rid of the headache, a slight relaxing effect should be added. After orgasm, yawning will attack you, and the body will be filled with pleasant languor. For people suffering from insomnia, the benefits of having sex are clear.

19. Strengthens bones

Lack of estrogen during menopause and testosterone in older men negatively affects the condition of the bones, provoking the occurrence of osteoporosis. Those wishing to protect themselves from a wheelchair are encouraged to have sex more often.

20.Reduces the risk of tumor formation

Researchers from the University of Nottingham found that men aged 50 and older who remain sexually active are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Sex cleanses the body of toxins that lead to cell mutations. Scientists were prompted to conduct experiments by the terrifying cancer statistics among monks.

21. Increases efficiency

American scientist Dr. Debbie Herbenick found out that couples who start the day with an erotic exercise achieve more in the professional field. They are less likely to take sick leave, are more welcoming, remain functional until the end of the day, and participate more actively in meetings. Diligence does not escape the attention of bosses, so sex workers quickly move up the career ladder.

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