Vitafon device for the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease that makes certain adjustments to the measured life of a man. Erectile dysfunction, impotence, infertility – these are the main disturbing consequences. Vitafon for prostatitis is the latest medical development. The use of the device guarantees a favorable outcome.

Device and principle of operation of the device

The main purpose of the device is to increase local blood circulation. Vitafon affects microvibration of natural biologically active frequencies.

The device consists of:

  • electronic block;
  • dual transducers – vibraphones;
  • power supply from the mains 220 V.

The device has 4 operating modes. Equipped with a timer. The choice of the mode is carried out by the corresponding button. It is located on the front panel of the device. Setting the procedure time is possible with two buttons: “more” – “less”. The package includes detailed methods of phonation of various organs, including prostate pathology.

The instructions indicate the areas of exposure, mode, procedure time. An important point is the correct installation of the vibrator in the impact zones to be vibrated .

Phonation technique : characteristic

The microvibration deficiency is compensated by an external source. This method is called phonation . Its main characteristics:

  • ease of use;
  • safety;
  • independent use of Vitafon for prostatitis;
  • home use orientation.

Phonation compensates for the lack of microvibration, improves capillary blood supply, lymph flow. Vitafon treatment of prostatitis is an effective method of getting rid of male problems.

After the first procedures, there is a gradual cleansing of the tissues of the prostate gland, inflammation disappears. The process of urination improves, pain syndromes are not felt. The sexual life of a man is restored.

Vitafon with its vibrating effect helps to get rid of the accumulation of dead cells, which are the root cause of the disease. At the same time, the work of the urinary system is not disturbed.

Phonation is an effective method of preventing impotence.

Instructions for use

Microvibration is transmitted to a body depth of up to 10 cm. Vitafona membranes should be pressed tightly. The vibraphone is held by the body, with a little effort they act on the body. If the membranes are not pressed tightly, a loud sound will be heard.

During the treatment of prostatitis, it is necessary to follow the instructions exactly, if you have questions or do not understand how to use Vitafon (or Vitafon 2), contact your doctor.

Vitafon creates microvibration of tissues and skin with a regularly changing sound frequency. It occurs in the mode specified by the program. The therapeutic effect in prostatitis is achieved by increasing capillary blood flow.

Harmlessly affecting the pelvic organs, the device eliminates impotence. There is a decrease in the inflammatory processes of the prostate gland. Sonic vibration gently eliminates congestion. The main condition for the effectiveness of the application is to follow the instructions, the recommendations of the doctor.

How to use ” Vitafon ” in a chronic disease?

The device is safe to use. Patients with chronic prostatitis are treated under constant medical supervision. Variable vibration eliminates congestion in the pelvis.

With chronic prostatitis, three treatment courses are carried out at intervals of 5 to 14 days. The use of the device according to a certain scheme reduces pain syndromes, improves the urination process. In the absence of positive results after 2-3 sessions, treatment with the device is stopped. Further therapeutic technique is determined by the urologist.

Treatment regimen

The course of therapy consists of the following stages:

  1. preparatory – duration 10 days;
  2. basic – use the standard, then the enhanced version.

Phoning is performed in the supine position. One membrane is directed to the lower abdomen, the other to the perineum. The session lasts 15 minutes. The course of recovery is 17 days. On the first day, mode No. 1 is used. Then there is a change to the next one. A week later, the mode is switched to No. 4. Two sessions are used. Then five days again mode 2.

Vitafon treatment procedure is used every morning. When unpleasant, painful sensations appear, the vibration modes change. If after the standard treatment regimen no positive results are observed, they proceed to the enhanced version.

Precautionary measures

A bundle of nerves located in the microvibration zone causes aching pains. Over time they pass Use of the device should be stopped in case of continuing discomfort. Further treatment will be determined by the urologist who should be consulted.

It is possible to reduce the potency observed on the first day of using the device. After a week, erectile function is restored. During this period, it is necessary to take antibiotic drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Vitafon instructions for use:

  • preliminary medical consultation;
  • before applying the background membranes to the body, the surfaces are wiped with alcohol;
  • do not allow the tips to come into contact with the heart zone;
  • check the device for serviceability before each session.

With a therapeutic effect on the perineum, there should be no discomfort. The presence of pain requires consultation with a specialist.


Vitafon can be used for treatment at home. There are few contraindications. Prohibited for use in diseases such as:

  • acute infections;
  • malignant tumors;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • sclerosis of the vessels of the brain, lower extremities.

Do not use the device at elevated temperatures.

Is treatment with Vitafon effective ?

The vibroacoustic apparatus directly affects the tissues of the prostate within a decimeter radius. A constant change in frequency allows you to increase the conductivity of blood, lymphatic vessels. Improving local circulation causes a decrease in pain, elimination of spasms.

Therapeutic effect of prostatitis treatment:

  • improves the delivery of medicines to the damaged organ – reducing the dose of the drug;
  • eliminates inflammation;
  • improves blood supply;
  • restores the conductivity of nerve fibers;
  • activates immune cells.

Using the device allows you to avoid surgical intervention.

Reviews and prices for Vitafon

According to user reviews, the device shows real effectiveness in prostatitis. The first treatment sessions bring minor discomfort.

After a week of use, patients feel a pronounced effect, gradually increasing. Symptoms of prostatitis – pain, impaired urination, erectile dysfunction – gradually disappear. Sexual life is restored, male libido is increased.

Simple Vitafon therapy improves the quality of life and avoids surgical treatment. The price depends on the model of the device, ranging from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

Vibroacoustic resource support of the body – a new approach to health. It increases physical, mental capabilities, improves immunity, significantly reduces morbidity.

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