Was Casanova constant?

Was Casanova or not, not so significant. Legends about him do not subside to this day. And yet Casanova is the spark of God. It was a matter of honor for him to make a woman happy. All his behavior with a woman pursued one goal – to give her the opportunity to experience the highest and unique pleasure.    

His life was formed in such a way that from childhood he already felt an irreplaceable duty to a woman. So, his mother died in childbirth. Tenderness in education, he received in full from his mother’s sister.

He felt very warm feelings for his bride, with whom he developed a harmonious relationship. But he was not destined to fully enjoy family happiness. Soon, his bride dies of pneumonia at the age of 19. Only a series of coincidences saved Casanova herself from a fatal outcome.

A few years later he met a woman of “easy” behavior, who taught him all the tricks of love. Soon they found out about him in the nearby district. The opinion of his exceptional tenderness, charm and sexual strength spread at the speed of light.

And although on the aesthetic side his behavior could be called immoral, he disarmed with great selflessness for a woman. In relations with the opposite sex, he had a strict rule: “do not twist love” with girls or married women, so as not to have a fatal effect on their fate. His partners were widows or marriageless women who had lost all faith in love and were unable to create their own family.

If anyone considers Casanova a “womanizer”, then he is deeply mistaken. For him, every meeting with a woman was an exam for tenderness. All of them were absolutely equal to him. Therefore, he did not change the nature of caresses, depending on whether he was dealing with a pretty woman or not.

Meanwhile, it is people of this type that are most permanent. Do not grin! Exactly. Evidence? As much as you like. For some reason, only the number of his chosen ones is striking. But few people notice another detail that each of them received what the others did not have. Casanova never repeated. In love, he was an unsurpassed master. This facet of his “love” page is known to many. But only a few can tell what ended his love saga. After all, he still found his half. 

She was a woman of exceptional beauty. There are no words to fully convey his admiration: in front of him was a princess, and a lad, and Eve, and a manila, and a swan, and a sorceress, and forget-me-not.

Casanova could not resist and decided for the second time, at the age of 40, to build a family hearth. And outwardly this woman very much reminded him of his youthful love. Moreover, she was not from high society. But he was faithful to her, he gave her all the heat of his soul. And what a father he was! After all, he had no equal in this! Who can explain suddenly such a constancy? Skeptics can explain this with a delayed insight or desire to atone for their sins of youth.

But did he sin? He loved. And, most importantly, with no one chosen was not a lie. If it was about the moment, then about the bright and unforgettable, filled with sincere and natural feelings. It should be surprised that his darling these moments kept as talismans, in his chest. 

Casanova and constancy for someone will seem incompatible concepts. Why? Because they don’t talk about this face (apparently, easier). Meanwhile, they are characterized by constancy like no other. Having once met their half, they then remain faithful to her throughout their lives. And all because they do not have a need to realize themselves outside their family.

This reasoning may look like “the voice of one crying in the wilderness.” But, nevertheless, let the voice be better than the absolute silence of deafness …

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