What are kisses and sex good for, or do you like surprises?

About surprises

According to abcnews.com, the human brain responds with impulses of pleasure to unpredictable events. A group of scientists from Emory University and Baylor College of Medicine conducted research on the topic of pleasure. 25 subjects underwent research: during the injection of apple juice (or water) into their mouths, they “scanned” the brain using magnetic resonance. Some results were unpredictable. In all cases, a region of the brain called the pleasure center was intensified. This area is usually active when a person uses drugs, alcohol or is waiting for a large amount of money. Scientists have discovered that the activity of this nucleus is not related to personal preferences; regardless of whether juice or water was injected, the zone was excited the same way. 
This means that the brain prefers unexpected pleasure to the predicted. And, despite the fact that a person has certain preferences, the factor of surprise is more important for him. Indeed, which of us does not like surprises?

About kisses

Do you like to kiss? True, a strange question … Which of us does not like kisses? Indeed, nature cannot be fooled. Scientists from the Quincy Institute in America, through scientific research, have determined that kissing is not only pleasant, but also useful. It seems that this is the only experiment in the world, the participation in which brought the subjects only positive emotions.

So, kisses have a beneficial effect on sleep. If you kissed for a long time before going to bed, then it will come faster and easier, all the troubles that you experienced during the day will be forgotten. During kisses, blood pressure stabilizes, as the body relaxes. Kisses also help in the healing of the oral cavity, as saliva is intensively produced, which prevents tooth decay. And what can we say about increasing the body’s resistance! Kisses help the body strengthen immunity to foreign microbes.

About proximity

Do you know that touching and hugging are very useful for the normal functioning of the nervous system? This conclusion was recently made by foreign scientists, exploring this phenomenon in “experimental” people. And it doesn’t matter if you cuddle with a person of the opposite sex or with a friend (buddy). Hugging helps the body release negative emotions.   

Doubtful But in the US state of Ohio, the administration adopted a decree: now all newly meeting must legally (!) Hug. Apparently, the local authorities are very concerned about the mental health of their voters, so much so that they decided to bring the legislative framework under this matter. God forbid that these voters throw out …

About sex

Through observations, Czech scientists came to the conclusion that sex can be a universal cure for many diseases. Is this possible ? 

During sex, the body gets rid of pain, despite the increased work of the cardiovascular system. Back pain, headache disappear, pain in the stomach and intestines decreases. Experiment on yourself, as soon as something gets sick, rather call for help from your friend (girlfriend) or husband (wife). You will see the pain begin to recede!

And no excuses, they say, headache or in our country there is no sex!

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