What do girls like about sex?

A man gets satisfaction from intimacy when he can bring a girl to orgasm. This is especially true if you want to impress a desired and beloved woman. To do this, you need to know what girls like about sex, or, conversely, can repulse. Having comprehended small “secrets”, the representative of the stronger half will receive and deliver maximum pleasure with intimacy.  

What do girls like about sex?

No one has canceled individual characteristics and preferences, but there are some points of contact that appeal to almost all the fair sex. 


Not every woman likes to obey a partner in bed. Many people experience discomfort from certain positions and cannot get pleasure – to reach the climax. There are representatives of the fair sex who are ready to take the initiative in bed, but not all men like this, knowing this, they often open up gradually.

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If your partner is dear, you should not hesitate to find out about each other’s preferences. You don’t have to ask head-on. There are hundreds of reasons to start talking about this. Men who are already in a really serious relationship can, without further ado, ask intimate questions and take care of the girl, making it clear that they want to bring maximum pleasure in bed.

Clean linen

All representatives of the stronger sex know how exciting a beautiful bodysuit and sexy lingerie are. It excites even more and gives a special piquancy. It is easy to imagine that the fair sex also subconsciously pay attention to their appearance.

They are less prone to “fetish” and, with rare exceptions, expect some intricate boxers from their partner and so on, but there are a few things that everyone appreciates:

  • Linen and bedding and underwear should always be clean and fresh. If you invite a girl to your place, make sure that nothing in an intimate setting says about sloppiness.
  • Personal hygiene is important too. Always take a shower beforehand using a nice-smelling gel or eau de toilette. Everyone will appreciate it.

Don’t forget about other wardrobe items. Many girls cannot stand even clean socks that they do not take off during sex. Only a few percent do not pay attention to this.


A man is dominant by nature, but he should pay attention to the second half. Girls appreciate it. Care must be taken correctly:

  • Do not limit yourself to talking and grooming before sexual intercourse, and then turn on your side and fall asleep. Seduction is a process with a pleasant aftertaste that needs to be reinforced. You should hug your partner, making it clear that everything went fine. Otherwise, the girl may interpret it in a completely different way.
  • In no case do not shift the care of contraceptives to your beloved. Condoms should always be purchased by a man in advance. Do not forget that they are different, so you should take into account all the subtleties.

If you want to impress the fair sex and make intimacy unforgettable, consider a few things that almost all girls love:

  • the partner looks into the eyes;
  • gently strokes hair;
  • whispers pleasant words in your ear.

These things are compatible with passionate sex. One does not contradict the other, but the emotions shown are slightly different.

Condoms in sex


Many women do not have a dislike for condoms because they use contraception. Latex products cause an allergic reaction in some of the fair sex. Unpleasant sensations can be associated with insufficient self-lubrication, and the condom aggravates this. Another point is that the interruption of contact while putting on the product “cools” the ardor.

This does not mean that safe sex should be neglected. The main thing is to find the right solution that will allow a woman to relax and enjoy even protected contact:

  • If the pain is not related to latex allergy, you should additionally use a silicone-based or water-based lubricant. Don’t be “greedy”. The bigger, the better. There are different types of condoms, you can try each one to find the best one.
  • When it is impossible to say for sure whether there is an individual intolerance to latex or not, it is best to switch to polyurethane condoms. They work well with oil lubricants, but are more expensive. An alternative is synthetic latex, polyisoprene, which does not cause allergies. It is practically not felt in the intimate areas, making the intimacy as “natural” as possible.
  • You can make a condom a part of sex when your partner needs to put on a “protection” by the mouth. This will bring variety to intimacy and give a special zest. Let the woman lead this process herself.

There are many ways on how to make a protected intercourse unforgettable, and a condom into a kind of sex toy.


Oral sex is no less pleasant for women than for men. Some get physical pleasure, others – in addition, psychological. Touching in the most intimate intimate place is a step that allows the partner to understand that she is loved completely and completely.

There are girls who do not get great pleasure from cunnilingus, but it all depends on the ability to “wield” the language. Many even experienced representatives of the strong half do not always know how to do it correctly. Want to bring your sweetheart to a climax? Learn. It will take time, but it will be worth it.

What kind of sex do you like?

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Some girls love unbridled sex. Others, on the contrary, will not like this. Therefore, starting a relationship, you should first “test” the soil. An exception is when partners discuss everything in advance and already know who loves what, but this is rare. Most women will be incredibly pleasant from touching in intimate areas, regardless of whether they love it harder or, conversely, softer.

Pleasure points include

  • Neck and chest. For girls, nipple touching does not bring the same pleasure that men get. BDSM is an exception, but the impact is much stronger. You should not linger only on this part of the bust, you need to kiss, caress the skin around with your tongue.
  • Stomach. An incredible number of women just go crazy with kisses around the navel. If the partner is ticklish, she may start laughing and spinning. This can be “attributed” to a prank and continue to search for the most sensitive area.
  • Lips. Even a girl, growing up, ceases to be offended by a young groom who hugs and gently kisses her. This feature persists for life, so intimacy usually always begins with kisses.

You should never solve conflicts or quarrels with sex. It is necessary to make love only when the girl calms down. The most important organ of a woman responsible for receiving pleasure is the brain. If she is upset, angry, harboring a resentment, banal harassment will further aggravate everything.  

What poses do you like?

There are quite a few polls regarding which positions girls like to have sex in the most. Some are simultaneously included in the list of “favorite” and “hated”. This means that everyone has their own taste preferences. Everything is individual, but the following are considered comfortable:

Missionary, Doggy Style & Cowgirl: Favorite Sex Positions For Women

  • Missionary is a classic that leaves no room for imagination, but can give both partners an unforgettable sensual sex. This position will be the perfect choice for the first closeness with your partner. The time for experimentation and revelation about preferences is yet to come.
  • Doggy-style is a favorite pose of men, and girls also like it. She does not require any special acrobatic skills and is incredibly enjoyable for both partners. There are women who consider this option a little more dominant on the part of the partner, so it’s better to switch to it in the second or third intimacy.
  • The rider is the control that many women want. It allows the fair sex to independently choose how deep the penetration, traffic intensity, speed will be. A man can only tune in to the same wave and, at the right time, help his partner reach the climax or change the position to missionary, for example.

Standing, “69”, spoon, kneeling and others also like many girls, but not all. If you are not sure that your partner loves to have sex in this way, it is better to wait, and already in a more relaxed and open relationship, ask if she loves such. Often, women themselves make it clear what they prefer in bed.

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