What is foot fetish: why men love female legs so much

Women’s legs, so carefully hidden from century to century by floor-length skirts, have always awakened men’s imagination. The Forbidden fruit is sweet. After all, conjecturing what is there, higher than the shoe, is much sexier than just seeing the entire length of the leg, slightly covered with a mini-skirt.

Mystery is one of the main reasons why men love women’s feet. Can such a peculiar addiction be called a fetish? What is a foot fetish (foot from Agnl. “Foot”), what factors influence its formation, can a hobby for feet be considered a mental disorder, what historical and modern people are seen in love for women’s feet – rather scroll down to find out more. 

Why do men love women’s feet

Getting sexual pleasure is inextricably linked with aesthetic pleasure. A real gourmet does not pounce on food, he first enjoys the view of the dish, the brightness of colors, interesting shape, aroma, and only then will he taste it.

Beautiful female legs are pure aesthetics. And dancing female legs are a special kind of pleasure. Flying easily in a mazurka, twisting a fouetté in ballet, energetically taking off in a cancan, erotically embracing in tango, female legs give delight and awaken imagination, promising to give unearthly pleasure.

A thin female ankle has always been considered a sign of the “breed”, and small feet, apparently due to their rarity, made their owner attractive a priori. Feminine feet, well-groomed, with delicate skin and pink heels, with small neat fingers, emphasize female fragility, defenselessness, they awaken tenderness and affection in a man, at the same time arousing in him a wild, animal passion, a desire to possess.

A little about foot fetish

What is foot fetish?

A man watching a girl with long slender legs is also, in his own way, a foot fetishist. After all, it is beautiful legs, and not, say, a lush chest or an appetizing ass, that are sexually significant for him. A gait with a smooth swaying of the hips beckons and hypnotizes.

The foot fetishist is, in one way or another, focused on the feet. Some people prefer perfectly clean legs with a pedicure, because they love to kiss, lick, and press their face against them. For others, the natural smell of feet is important, or even the smell of sweat, they deliberately ask their partner not to wash their feet.

Someone experiences aesthetic pleasure at the sight of fishnet stockings that envelop a woman’s leg in mystery. For someone, it is important to worship a woman as a mistress, a sharp hairpin for them is the embodiment of domination and the opportunity to receive pleasure through pain.

The less specific fetishism is, the easier it is for a man to satisfy his fantasies. If his desires seem too strange, alien, if he is too obsessively seeking to embody them, then this can alienate a possible partner or add unnecessary stress.

Factors influencing the development of the disorder

Since sexuality is formed in childhood, at an age when, in fact, sexual contact is not available to a boy, an incredible number of factors can affect it. Beautiful bare legs of a mother in a dressing gown accidentally thrown open, a sister going to a dance, pulling a stocking on her leg, a barefoot perky girl with whom they ran together through puddles, red shoes of a beloved girl in kindergarten, but you never know what. Elvis Presley, for example, was influenced by massage the feet of his sick mother as a child.

Foot fetish cannot be called, in fact, a disorder, rather, it is a feature. In any case, until this feature begins to dominate and subjugate all sexual behavior.

Often a male foot fetishist cannot climax without contact with a woman’s feet.

How female feet were perceived in the old days

Epochs replaced one another, strict morality and taboos on everything worldly and sinful were replaced by worship of the beauty of the female body. The Renaissance era left us magnificent examples of the worship of female beauty, artists emphasized the beauty of female legs, admiring them.

In the Rococo era, even a special art of showing legs was born, it was then that the dresses of the court ladies became a little shorter, and the legs in graceful stockings and shoes became available to men’s eyes.

Secular ladies of the 18-19 centuries showed a rather deep neckline, but hid their legs under long dresses. The fear of the corrupting influence of the beauty of women’s feet on morality was so strong that in Victorian England, even the twisted legs of furniture and grand pianos were covered with covers.

Interesting facts about feet

There are over 70,000 nerve endings on the soles of the feet. Chinese reflexology treats the foot as a projection of the entire body. Each zone of the foot corresponds to a specific internal organ. Painful sensations when pressing on certain points of the foot will show the specialist what health problems their owner has. And foot massage is the prevention of various diseases and improves a person’s condition, in general, relieves fatigue and stress.

On the skin of the feet, as well as on the palms and armpits, there is a large number of sweat glands – about 600 per square centimeter. During the day, they produce about 200 milliliters of fluid.

Madeleine Albrecht, who is testing the products of the company for the production of footwear and orthopedic cosmetics Dr Scholl, has tasted more than 5600 feet for 15 years of work, her record is entered in the Guinness Book of Records.  

The natural smell of feet is very attractive to hygrophilia – people who go crazy over the smell of sweat. The smell of deodorant or soap will only spoil the pleasure. In fact, many men are unaware of this addiction, but a woman returning from a run seems incredibly exciting to them.

The feet contain nearly 8,000 nerves and a large number of nerve endings at the surface of the skin. Therefore, the feet are more prone to tickling than other parts of the body. Some people experience painful pleasure from excessive tickling of their feet.

The ideal size of a female foot

Ideals change century after century. In the distant 10th century, Chinese emperors, in pursuit of aesthetic pleasure, invented a way to make a woman’s leg small forever – “lotus legs” twisted by tight bandaging are unlikely to cause sexual desire now, but, dressed in brocade shoes, they excited the fantasies of noble Chinese and were considered ideal over centuries.

At the end of the 17th century, Charles Perrault sent the fairy-tale prince to travel the whole kingdom in search of the one that had lost an elegant crystal slipper. There were queues of noble ladies for fitting, but only Cinderella’s legs corresponded to the ideal.

Over the past decades, the average height of women has increased significantly, which has led to an increase in the size of the foot. Research from the UK in 2014 showed that the average foot has increased by two sizes since the 70s. Footwear manufacturers and traders know firsthand about the increasing size of the shoes they sell.

Many glamorous beauties, both past and present, have large shoe sizes. Little Scarlett Johansson, with a height of 160 cm, wears the 40th shoe size, the style icon of the 20th century Audrey Hepburn wore the 41st size, and Uma Thurman, whose bare feet were immortalized by Quentin Tarantino, wears the 42nd.

For a foot fetishist, it is not so much the size of the foot that is important as its grace, harmonious addition. Well-groomed foot skin, smooth toes, perfect pedicure. You want to stroke, kiss, press such a leg to your face.

Famous foot fetishists

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was a connoisseur of female beauty and more than once mentioned the beauty of female legs in Eugene Onegin.

I remember another time!

Sometimes cherished dreams

I am holding a happy stirrup …

And I feel the leg in my hands;

Imagination is boiling again

Again her touch

The blood burned in a withered heart,

Again longing, again love! ..

Many stars do not hide their addiction to foot fetish, do not consider it shameful. The cult director Quentin Tarantino admitted in an interview that he considers the ankles to be the most seductive part of a woman’s body. Large feet for him are the height of sexuality. So, Uma Thurman, the owner of the 42nd shoe size, became his muse.

American drummer Tommy Lee is a fan of women’s feet and toes, not breasts, as one might think, because he was married to Pamela Anderson. According to him, he often spends time in shoe stores, watching women try on shoes.

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