What is the art of seduction? The splendor and poverty of a pickup truck.

Pickup , in a nutshell – is the art of seduction. That is, so those who are engaged in a pickup truck are trying to present it. In fact, the main secret of a pickup truck is that … You will learn about this from this article. 

Oh, with what brilliance the pickup is presented! They are trying to promote it as an art to seduce and drag into bed any woman you like! Our city is simply sealed with leaflets of R.M.E.S. (this is the so-called “Russian model of effective seduction”, actually a rather stale product, but in a new package), the Internet is full of banners for seduction books. All this is quite expensive and packaged in a beautiful wrapper. Let’s expand and see what ‘s inside. 

There are “techniques” for seducing a woman. One way or another, they are based on manipulation and deception. True, it is presented as a cool kneading of NLP. The essence, however, is simple: it is not necessary to be the kind of person that a woman likes, it is enough to seem like that. How to pretend to be smart, rich, successful and self-confident – that you can learn in books about pickups. Of course, you will never know in these books how to become such – but this is not required? Of course, they can expose you, so you need to seduce the “fool” quickly. Do you know how many of them?  

Admittedly, many technicians can actually work. As well as gypsy hypnosis, for example (and it is also used by pickers). The question is not what technique is used, but what purpose. Criminals and guards use the same weapons, but for different purposes. So the methods of NLP can be used to cure allergies, or can be used to shake out money. Or fuck. This is the very top of the pickup truck.     

From the point of view of a pick-up woman, a woman is a creature that just needs to be “fucked”. And then immediately drop it to find the next same creature. A pickup truck teaches women to be scornful, and if something goes wrong , drop it right away. They de love when they are treated like furniture. But even if everything is fine, it’s all the same to linger on one thing – not in the rules of the “real pikaper”. As one of the articles said, “ First of all, sleep with ten other girls over the next month, and then decide whether you should still get your current passion .”      

What is the secret of a pickup truck? Why does it work? The secret is that there is no secret at all! This is not art! Everything is simple – the law of large numbers works. Few serve the poor, but, nevertheless, they raise good money for a shift. Due only to the number of passers-by. Pikaper, to get one girl, ready to go up to a dozen or two. They send him, but he does not care … Well, sooner or later, but he finds. And 90% of pickup training is learning to feel free to approach a girl (under the proud motto “Be confident in yourself!”) And drop her “if he doesn’t”. Or – “if she did.” These are the same beggars who need only a crumpled piece of paper from you, and who cease to be interested in you as soon as they receive it or as soon as they are convinced that they will not receive it.     

Do you want instead of earning money to learn to beg? It ‘s cool, you don’t need to work … If so , then you will make a pick-up. We now have a lot of courses and books. But even in this thread the book is a book of discord. The best seduction book I read was written by a woman. And there is that very home-made truth of life: men do not seduce women, it is women that seduce men. Only they do it unnoticed. If a man recognizes the signals sent to him , then maybe they will succeed. But pickupers do not recognize, they are engaged in a dumb enumeration of options. Only now they will not be able to stop, just as a beggar cannot stop asking for alms if he has already collected a large sum.   

Aiming for momentary pleasures, the pikaper loses the opportunity to have a long relationship with a woman based on the proximity of souls precisely because for him there is simply no soul – only the body. And the body quickly gets bored … External shine and inner emptiness – this is what a pickup truck is. This is related to the pickers and heroines of the famous Balzac novel. And they are also related, perhaps, by the unenviable fate. The film “Where is Nofelet?” watched? Very vital. Pikaper will not be able to stop his will, so sooner or later he will fall into the clutches of a woman who is simply stronger than him. And you don’t get too much for this one.  

My advice to girls is to read pick-up books and attend courses whenever possible. In order to be able to calculate pick-ups. If you recognize him in your young man, think about whether you want to be just the next link in the chain of his “sports victories”? Although for girls who love quick, a pikaper is a real find. Pickupers also call it “fast.” Remember the song “Time Machines” – “Imitation”? It is the most.     

In our cruel time, when the very foundations of society and morality are collapsing, the more valuable are normal human relations, such as friendship and love, and the less often they are found. And if you already got such a treasure – take care of it! 

Love sincerely!

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