What problems can affect intimate relationships

Every person’s daily life is complex and varied. Every day we face challenges at home and on the robot. Quarrels, scandals, irritation and resentment do not go unnoticed. As a rule, they provoke stress and depression, which in turn negatively affect a person’s libido and destroy harmonious intimate relationships. In order to prevent the sad consequences in time, experts recommend that you be more attentive to yourself and your partner. Here’s what to look out for first.

A sharp decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse

Think about how often you give love and tenderness to your partner in bed. If you catch yourself thinking that there has been no intimacy for a long time, and you constantly find reasons not to have sex, you should know that this is already a serious bell, and the problem will not be solved by itself. You need the help of a professional who can tell you how you can overcome a crisis in a relationship.

You keep secrets

According to psychologists, everyone has the right to personal space and their little secrets. But when you stop talking about the problems that affect your life together, this is already very bad. Such secrecy provokes a state of dissatisfaction, in particular with sex life. Do not let this take its course, it is better to consult a doctor.

You fight over trifles

Your minor everyday problems develop into real scandals, which means that there are problems that need to be pulled to the surface and disassembled. Perhaps, for some time, violent sex will be the reason for a truce. However, very soon, after the scandal, intimacy will cease to bring the expected satisfaction and will go to the second plan, or will disappear altogether.

You’re mired in negativity

Endless quarrels and scandals contribute to the accumulation of negative emotions. Before you can blink an eye, your partner will annoy you with absolutely everyone. Naturally, negativity leaves no room for other emotions. It not only destroys sexual relations, but is also the cause of many divorces.

You think badly of your spouse

Every day, hourly, every minute, we evaluate the actions and actions of people who are nearby. Including their chosen ones. And this assessment is not always positive. When negative emotions take over, no matter what your partner does, it won’t be. Rejection and protest are getting stronger every day. It’s time to turn to a specialist for help.
Remember, if your sexual attraction to your partner has disappeared, then this is a serious problem and a reason to sound the alarm. You should not rely on “maybe” or “it will somehow be resolved itself”, it is better, before it is too late, to seek help from a specialist.

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