Where to get forever young wife?

“No, and again no.
I will tell you in return!”
Blue-eyed doll
I will not be for you -a!
Not cuckoo! ” – 

Tamara Miansarova sang somewhere in the late sixties – early seventies. And why did she not like the dolls, because they are all such beauties! Big-eyed, with beautiful shiny curls, with an exceptional peach complexion and delicate blush, in beautiful dresses. Well, let’s not dissemble – in principle, it is clear what exactly the meaning of Tamara Miansarova put into her song!    

Yes Yes! Women always wanted to prove (as Maria Arbatova, for example, constantly does) that they are not dolls, that, in addition to such qualities as beauty, they also have intellect and high spirituality. And, of course, it was our Russian women who were always inherent in this.

Well, and men, in my opinion, more want to have a sort of pretty cat that is not burdened with excessive brain activity and worries – a kind of free application to themselves, their beloved, who will feed him, wash, maintain, blow off dust particles from him and don’t require anything special in exchange … Yes! And one more important, and even the most important condition: the cat must be completely trouble-free in terms of sex and “always ready”!   

And, oh miracles of progress! It seems that the dreams of many men are starting to come true! Now they can simply buy themselves such a “life partner.” Just 750 dollars – not so much money! – And a lovely, cute, gentle kitten will brighten up your loneliness!    

“… Together with you,
Together with you
You and I remained,
Beloved, beloved,
my Priceless!”

It was also a good song. Lyrical, tender, and involuntarily remember her, looking at the photo with the images of such idyllic couples that I want to talk about. I learned about them while traveling through the dear Web of my heart.

“Oh, how many wonderful discoveries the Spirit of enlightenment prepares for us

Remember these famous lines, which for a long time served as a visiting card of the program “Obvious – Incredible” that was no less famous and popular in Soviet times ? There was still such a cool presenter (professor and academician, however), for whom, in my opinion, the start of the broadcast was always a complete surprise – the inclusion of microphones and cameras. Well, I think you remembered …  

So: “… Oh, how many wonderful discoveries we have …” Yes, it was extremely interesting for me to learn not only about the existence of such married couples, but also about their relationship.

For example, the programmer Malcolm from England. He is 48 years old, and his girlfriend is only 14! Adorable girl Rebecca goes to school, moonlighting in the library (according to him) and is Malcolm’s wife.

Until that time, until the programmer met his beauty, he was very unlucky with women, he did not know how to handle them, did not know how to behave on dates, joked out of place and, in his expression, constantly felt like an idiot and a loser. Many times, Malcolm even tried to get acquainted on the Internet, but it didn’t end with anything good … Time passed, but he was still alone. And now Malcolm has Rebecca.

 – My girl means a lot to me. I feel for her not just an attraction, but a real, deep affection, ”says the happy spouse. He met her when, already, he was completely desperate to find a girlfriend for life. And when, in the end, his hands fell, he suddenly stumbled upon the Real Dolls website. But more on that later, and now about another lucky man who also recently found his happiness. 

Gordon, a 35-year-old Virginia employee, got his adored young Ginger six years ago as his wife. Not only is she fantastically beautiful and fully shares all her husband’s tastes and passions, but she also has an angelic character: she never argues with anything, she is always compliant, agrees with everything, she is always well-groomed and elegant . She loves to dress in a short sexy school uniform, and she is always 15 years old! A favorite pastime of Gordon and Ginger is a joint viewing of series about family happiness.  

 “I love her for exemplary behavior ,” Gordon says. Before meeting with his ideal sweetheart, Gordon was terribly unlucky with women. He came across only vile, as if on a selection, female specimens. I must say that until the age of 28, a shy man remained a virgin. Gordon’s first love turned out to be a professional fraud and a thief. The second brazenly used him as a loader when moving to a new apartment and after reaching his goal gave him a turn from the gate. The third shamelessly cheated on him with other men while he was sitting with her child. This series of setbacks plunged the guy into terrible depression. And, in the end, she led the poor fellow to the idea of ​​turning to Matt McMullen’s factory, which produces silicone dolls, which in appearance and touch are as close as possible to real living female creatures. 

 – For several months I saved up money and chose a suitable model. She was supposed to be graceful, with small breasts and similar to Brooke Shields. I even specially sent a photo of my favorite actress along with money. My order was completed in the best possible way. Ginger made me the happiest man on earth, ”says Gordon. He will not exchange this doll for any living girl. The anatomy of his silicone girlfriend is also almost like real, only much better. So, at least, says a loving husband. – I like to sleep with her, hug her, caress.  

Yes, this is how Matt McMullen’s factory, which produces such ideal wives , helps out timid, notorious and unfortunate in love “boys” . In the past, the sculptor, and now a successful puppeteer from California, began producing silicone beauties 10 years ago, and he did not lose. 

Applications quickly began to arrive from all over the world. The clientele grew by leaps and bounds. Photos of naked mannequins were posted on the Internet, and anyone can choose a “girlfriend” to taste.

A ready-made, “factory” copy costs about $ 750, and a custom-made model, “from nature”, is more expensive – about $ 7,500. McMullen’s business (a factory and an online store called Real Dolls) is booming – with a turnover exceeding two million dollars a year.  

It is believed that the first inflatable woman was invented by Adolf Hitler, who, for reasons of concern for the German army, was going to arrange the serial production of “girls to satisfy sexual needs in the field.” The use of such dolls was supposed to protect soldiers from sexually transmitted diseases, as well as to prevent the entry of the most valuable Aryan seed into the “environment of unworthy peoples.” 

6-7 dolls are “born” per week at Matt McMullen’s factory, each of which requires at least 80 hours to produce. “Girls” can be of completely different complexion and composition – from thin nympho to magnificent, Rubensian beauties. Almost all the buyers who purchased such doll wives for themselves say that their hobby is not only sexual in nature. For many of them, the doll becomes a near and dear creature, saving from loneliness and healing from complexes. 

And what do the doctors say? But doctors say that this behavior should not be considered unhealthy. And sex with a doll is not, in fact, a reason for attributing mental deviations to such people. This is one of the normal reactions to abnormal living conditions that these men have chosen for themselves, as well as the result of all those negative impressions of life and relationships with living women who “live” in their memory and “interfere” with living a full life.    

And the owner of Orient Industries, which produces high-quality sex dolls for $ 5,000, Japanese Hideo Tsuchia, proudly declares: – My dolls are not pornography. These are works of art. I hope those who got my girls understand this!

Well! If the stars light up, then someone needs it! And since dolls are bought, it means that someone also needs this. And yet , in spite of this, I would like to sincerely wish you, dear readers, that you do not have to seriously get involved in silicone beauties, and that your stunning charm, initiative and pressure never let you down and always served faithfully in a difficult task conquering female hearts!   

And women – the same in the subjugation of the living, real men! 

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