Where to make love in summer

How will you remember this summer? A picnic in nature? A trip to the sea? All this is boring and commonplace. Add degrees to hot memories by having sex in the open in unusual places. They say that a change of scenery always has a beneficial effect on mood and arousal. Experience new sensations with your partner, even if it is, at first glance, extreme and crazy.

A boat

An ordinary romantic walk on the water can be made special and memorable with a little sex. Of course, you should not arrange stormy passions on board the craft, so that your joys do not end in failure, but light intimacy will come in handy. Let your movements be careful and gentle, and then the water will help you, rocking the boat to the rhythm of frictions . Make sure that no one sees you at this moment – sail a sufficient distance from the shore.


A very romantic plot – sex on the beach. But to bring it to life, it is important to take care of hygiene and protection from prying eyes. Wait for the night, bright stars in a cloudless sky, a reflection of the moon on the water surface and go to the coast with a clean bedding or tent. The warm sand will warm your bodies, and the sound of the sea surf will hide the groans of bliss.

Ferris wheel

You will not have time to engage in full sex at the height of the Ferris wheel, but quite aroused from oral or tactile caresses. Extreme atmosphere, adrenaline in the blood, the risk of being caught in the process of petting – all this will make your subsequent intimacy unforgettable and vivid.


Have you tried on a warm summer night to climb to the top of an abandoned building and let the wave of passion sweep you headlong, not caring that someone might see you? Be sure to try! On the roof, you will feel especially close to the stars, as if at the top of the world, and the entire universe will be above your head. The feeling of openness and nakedness will create an incredible atmosphere that seems to push you to crazy actions that you will always remember.
Summer is a romantic time of the year when feelings and emotions reach their highest degree. Do not allow yourself to be inactive while there are 

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