Who can give gifts from a sex shop?

The range of shops for adults is huge, and you can always find interesting things for a gift. But to whom and what can be given? Are there any restrictions on spicy presents? Is it appropriate to present the boss with a vibrator, and mother-in-law oil for erotic massage? We have put together simple rules for selecting sexual things that will not put anyone in an uncomfortable position.

What gifts exist in a sex shop?

In order to determine what and to whom you can give, it is important to understand what will turn out to be chosen for the presentation. Conventionally, all products of an adult store can be divided into several groups:

  • Products for sex. These are vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, swings for sex and other devices that are used during intercourse. 
  • Intimate cosmetics. Very diverse: from greases to perfumes with pheromones. 
  • Beautiful things. Lingerie, body jewelry, decorative items of clothing. 
  • Games. There are frank, there are modest or funny. 
  • Comic goods. A variety of things that help bring about a smile enhance your mood. 

Comic items can be presented to almost all people with a sense of humor. But sex products are only suitable for the closest.

What to give to the person with whom he had sex?

Favorite people can give any kind of thing. The phallus, masturbator, sex machine, stockings or lubrication will be appropriate. In such relationships there are no boundaries that the gift breaks.

But it is important to choose something that will really be useful and will please. It is worth discussing desires in advance so as not to shock and not upset. The reaction to such presentations can be very different: from delight to disappointment. And it’s better to predict it in advance. Sometimes it’s appropriate to choose a gift together, and then use it together.

What to present to a friend or girlfriend?

Woman friend can present goods for sex. This is appropriate if they are close to each other, discuss sex, share juicy details. At the same time, it’s worth buying either what the girlfriend dreams of, or one of the most popular products. Famous toys are suitable for almost everyone , there is a high probability that she will like it. And you can buy linen, grease, perfume. A man can give a friend a masturbator. Whether the gift is appropriate is always individual. You need to be careful that this is not perceived as an insult. But there is no prohibition , and if the relationship is trusting, this can be done. And you can give a comic item, for example, an air freshener with unusual inscriptions. It is impossible to give things to a friend of the opposite sex for sex. A man can not give a phallus to a girlfriend with whom he did not sleep. This will be an insult. A woman also should not give her friend a masturbator or lubricant, this can be regarded as an offer of sex. 



Gift for couples

Going to a wedding or anniversary, you can go to a sex shop. In this situation, cosmetics will be an excellent present . A set of lubricants, massage oils, candles is ideal. And there are very beautiful options in unique packages that are created for this. You can give this from two, from one person. And most importantly, the gift will be appropriate for both young and adult couples. 

Gift to a colleague from a sex shop

The hierarchy is very important here. For example, it’s better not to present the strap-on to the boss . This will be misunderstood, and no explanation and accompanying words will correct this. The head can be handed only perfume or a set of the best cosmetics. For example, aromatic oils for a bath or a room, artificial rose petals, etc. All this without any hint of intimacy. If a person is in the same position as you, then there are fewer restrictions. Ideal to give comic gifts . Even a pack of condoms for the whole year will be appropriate. Lonely people will be helped to build a family of perfumes with pheromones. A plush hare with huge genitals will perfectly decorate the workplace. You can give games to the company. They will allow you to spend an evening excitingly. Fanta for several people is a wonderful present. But it is important to play only with the consent of all participants so that piquant questions or actions do not bother anyone.  


Gift to relatives

With relatives, the rules are not always enforceable, it all depends on communication. A woman can give any beautiful things to her sister, aunt. Lingerie, body stockings, nipple jewelry or temporary tattoos. Sex toys are not always appropriate, but perfumes will not be superfluous . Relatives of men rarely give each other something from a sex shop. It is more appropriate to choose something related to a hobby, rather than sex. Gifts from a sex shop – this is useful and interesting. They will not gather dust on the shelf, but are used, giving a lot of pleasant moments . But it is important to understand that subordination is important here, not everyone can give sex swings and anal stimulant. 

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