Who to study sex with?

For a long time in the public mind there was an idea that an ordinary woman, by definition, can not be as sophisticated in sex as one whose life is devoted to mastering the art of intimate caresses. But in recent years, this stereotype has noticeably shaken. 

Wives take revenge and no longer agree to share husbands with lovers and other seductresses, leaving behind a leadership in the world of pots and pans. A modern woman who is confidently competing with men in business and politics – will she really give in to a lady who has succeeded only in the sexual sphere? 

As you know, when a favorite thing becomes a profession, it ceases to be a favorite thing. So what are the chances of professionals in the fight against loving charmers who have decided to perfectly master the intricacies of erotic massage and master all other skills designed to raise a beloved man to the peak of pleasure?

Money and sex are the best cement for marriage 

The sexual revolution, which reached Russia, brought about a revolution not only in the minds of women. Today, a rare man considers only genital-genital contact in a missionary position acceptable for marital relations. Men want to see in their wife not only the keeper of the hearth, but also the sophisticated temptress, free from complexes and able to surprise her husband in bed, giving him surprise after surprise.

If relatively recently – in the pre-perestroika years – the virginity of the bride was considered the key to a strong marriage, then 90% of the happy spouses of modern Russia are recognized: their family harmony is based on material stability and varied, vibrant sex. The areas of responsibility are distributed as follows: the man is primarily the earner, and the woman is responsible for maintaining the fire in the hearth and the jade core of the husband.   

The most depraved are faithful wives! 

That is, in a man’s own home, two main sources of joy should await a man: spiritual love and carnal love. And if the Russians have never had problems with the first point, the ability to sacrifice themselves and highly developed intellect – this combination of qualities makes a Russian woman in demand not only in her own country, but sexual liberation and, especially, original sexual techniques, Russian women are mostly worth learning. And they are learning! 

Leaders of female attractiveness courses and trainers in sexual techniques note that it is for a long time that married middle-aged women are most free in their desires and ready for the most daring sexual experiments. This is due to both a higher degree of trust in the partner and an understanding of the fact that improving one’s sexual technique is the best way to prevent a rival from appearing. 

Who to study sex with?

A variety of trainings and courses on seduction, sex schools are a good way to improve your own sexual culture. But here you need to be choosy – just like when choosing a sexual partner or husband.   

The popularity of such trainings led to a rapid increase in their number, which obviously could not keep up with the increase in the number of qualified trainers and teachers with serious basic and highly specialized education. Numerous male and female pickup courses are taught by yesterday’s sex losers who have mastered a couple of seduction techniques and imagined themselves to be gurus. There is also the risk of running into openly dishonorable comrades who shoot the process of “learning” with a hidden camera and then blackmail the unlucky “students” with incriminating videos.

Signs of safe and quality sex training are dictated by common sense:

1. Sex training for women is conducted in a strictly female audience. The participation or any presence of men is excluded. 2. Training is the training of practical skills. A lecture is not a training. 3. Classes are held in a well-renovated and equipped with all the necessary classrooms in compliance with all requirements of personal hygiene and safety. The audience is located in one of the central areas of the city. 4. During the lesson, no photo or video is being taken. 5. Only persons over 18 years old are allowed to attend classes. 

Only a small part of sex training meets the above requirements. Among them is the training center SEKS. The Russian Federation, founded by Ekaterina Lyubimova, an experienced sex coach, who, in addition to sexology, also has two director’s education. Being a man of art, she presents her students with sex precisely as art – love and sensual pleasures. 

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