Why aren’t all women experiencing an orgasm?

Representatives of the fair sex, unlike men, the ability to experience the highest sexual pleasure is not given by nature. Female orgasm is a quality acquired by mankind during evolution. Why not all women get pleasure from intimacy with a loved one? Is it possible to rectify the situation? The answer to these questions is given by sexopathologists.  

Female orgasm occurs in connection with the ability of a woman to glow with passion in the arms of her beloved man. This is precisely the explanation of the fact that not every representative of the fair sex experiences sexual pleasure during intercourse. 

However, the fact that she is not experiencing it at a given time does not mean that she will never experience it. For each lady, this happens purely individually.

Female orgasm occurs in connection with the ability of a woman to glow with passion in the arms of her beloved man

  • Some tend to experience orgasm immediately, from the moment when they first had sex. However, this does not happen to everyone. And to speak in this case of deviation from the norm and female frigidity is not worth it.
  • There are women who begin to experience the highest sexual pleasure only after the first birth.
  • And some in order to experience an orgasm, it is simply necessary to change the situation or partner. Any seemingly insignificant event or change in life can become something like a push, after which a woman acquires a taste for making love and begins to fully enjoy what is happening. 

But sometimes it happens that this does not happen. Many factors, including psychological factors, have a woman’s ability to enjoy sex .  

The inability to enjoy an intimate life may result from:

  • unsuccessful first sexual experience;
  • self-doubt and attractiveness;
  • severe stress during puberty.

Many factors influence a woman’s ability to enjoy sex

Of considerable importance is the environment . Suppose, the newlyweds live under the same roof with their parents, and the girl’s embarrassment at the thought that she and her husband will be heard because of the thin wall can prevent her from fully enjoying her intimate life. 

The problem of lack of orgasm may lie in the partner . If he is rude, rude, selfish in relation to his beloved, it is not surprising that she cannot completely relax in his arms and enjoy sexual pleasures. In the hands of an inept man, a woman can remain “unawakened” and never know the pleasure that gives intimacy.  

Experts on sexology say that each case is very individual. To help a woman experience the joys of love, it is necessary to take into account the mass of the smallest nuances. An important role is given to the psychological state of a woman, however, the state of health can also cause a woman to not enjoy sexual intercourse.    

Do not gloss over the problem, in many cases it can be solved

If the lack of orgasm is chronic for a woman for many years, most likely, we can talk about her congenital coldness. In this case, it makes sense to visit a sexopathologist and be examined by an endocrinologist to exclude hormonal dysfunction.  

If intimacy with a loved one does not give the highest sexual pleasure, do not hush up the problem and pretend that everything is in order. Problems of a psychological nature that prevent a woman from opening up and feeling an orgasm are resolved. The psychologist will help to cope with the complexity or consequences of moral trauma. If the lack of orgasm is provoked by hormonal dysfunction, a woman will need the help of an endocrinologist. 

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