Worst of the worst: men what zodiac signs should not be recorded in the club “Former”

People meet, fall in love, get married, and then … file for divorce and the division of jointly acquired property. Alas, such cases in our time are not uncommon and, according to psychologists, it is really not easy to end relationships. In addition, a person often begins to show his true face (and his nasty character) after parting with you. In order to protect ourselves (and mentally tune in to what awaits you ahead), we decided to find out how men of different signs of the zodiac behave and who will get the palm in this “former club”.


Representatives of this sign are aggressive and fearless, so you should be prepared for the fact that until Aries finds a new life partner, he will be at your disposal (or on those things that are dear to you). But one has only to wait until his attention switches to another beauty, as there is no trace of his emotionality and fervor (towards you).


Representatives of this zodiac sign perceive parting as the most real drama, so do not expect them to quickly return to normal life. If you betray a Taurus man, he will leave silently, without explanation, and will suffer alone for a long time. He himself will try to save the relationship to the last, and only realizing that the situation will not change for the better, he will decide on a painful separation.


Openness, sociability and easy attitude of representatives of this zodiac sign extends to the separation. They are so instantly “dissolved in the night,” as if they never existed. And as soon as you get used to the feeling of freedom, being surprised that the gap was relatively easy, it will surely arise somewhere on the horizon, but not alone, but with another beauty loyally looking into his eyes. The best thing you can do in this situation is to let go and forget not only the person, but all those moments that were associated with him.


Those who think that Cancers are the most innocent sign of the zodiac are in fact mistaken. Perhaps their deceptive appearance could convince you that this is the man who considers his home a fortress, and his family the most important thing he has in this world does not correspond to the way they begin to behave after parting. First, he simply does not understand the word “no”, so he will harass you again and again. Secondly, it will just take you out of business. After all, in the end, you just get tired of keeping the defense, and it will endure your brain even more than before.

a lion

The hardest of all is those ladies who have decided to part with representatives of this sign. Male Lions will take it as a personal insult (after all, for them there is nothing more offensive than knowing that you have chosen someone else for him). Revenge they will be sophisticated, as befits a royal personage: subtly quarrel with those who are close to you, try to ruin your career and personal life. And then removed with his head held high. By the way, in your memoirs you will not be forgotten to be mentioned either, but in a very unfavorable light.


Parting with their beloved, male Virgos experience very hard times and, in most cases, remain true to their strongest affection. Even if they later converge with someone else, then there can be no talk of any strong feelings and adoration in this case. In most cases, they remain bachelors.


Aristocratic Libra, by the way, is also not as simple (and aristocratic) as it seems at first glance. After all, if, for example, a man wanted to leave you, then get ready for the fact that he will constantly appear in your life, enjoying what makes you experience the feelings that you felt towards him.He would not even think of hiding his new passion, just to “prick you more painfully.” If you were the initiator of the break, then the insult of a universal scale, gossip, intrigue and exposing you in an unfavorable light before your common acquaintances is guaranteed. Reputation, he “tame” you notably.


Most will give fear to put an end to the relationship with the men-Scorpios, fearing that they will take revenge until such time as they themselves get bored. In fact, these manipulators allow themselves similar tricks only when they are in a pair, and as soon as they realize that love has passed, they will let you go in peace and switch to a new “victim”. But this does not mean that parting with him will pass unnoticed for you. During the time you were together, he managed to wear out your soul in such a way that it seems to you that you will never love anyone again.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are very friendly and harmless. And you need to really try to bring the male Sagittarius from himself, so that he wants to do you some dirty trick. In addition, they are very inconsistent, they have nothing against “marches to the left” and calmly think that love is over and it’s time for you to part. Although, be prepared for the fact that they will never put an end to the relationship, and leave dots. You never know, how then everything will turn out in life.


The stubborn and authoritarian representatives of this zodiac sign with their quibbles and instructions can bring to white heat even the most non-conflict partner. And although they are very sensitive to family relationships, betrayal (and betrayal) of the beloved can turn them into a ruthless egoist who will harass you until he can cope with his sense of resentment. And it will be very soon, believe me.


Representatives of this sign of the zodiac relate relatively calmly to the partings, not arranging scenes and taking away the brain. They are very diplomatic and they perceive any life situation as an opportunity to become even stronger (emotionally) and wiser. They quickly find a new passion and try not to “throw mud at you” with or without.


The end of the family idyll of a man of this zodiac sign is always perceived as a personal offense. Despite all their vulnerability and trepidation, they are still dirty tricks capable of significantly poisoning your life after breaking up. The most incredible gossip and rumors, minor (or not so) problems and other troubles will come from them with enviable regularity until they find a new pair for themselves. Only then you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax. Alas, but up to this point they will definitely not let you live in peace.

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